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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Linear Time-Invariant System & Sampling Theorem

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Question 1

Consider a complex signal x(t) which satisfy conjugate symmetry, its real part and imaginary part must be-

Question 2

Let n1(t) = u(t) – u(t–3) and n2(t) = 2[u(t) – u(t–5)]. If y(t) = n1(t)* n2(t), where ‘*’ denotes convolution. Then the amplitude of y(t) waveform will be

Question 3

Consider a continuous-time system with input x(t) and output y(t) related by

y(t) = x (sin 3t) + 4, the given system is

Question 4

For the signal x(t) shown in the figure, evaluate d .

Question 5

Compute the system’s response to the input x[n] = | if the unit impulse response h[n] of a DT LTI system is h[n]= δ[n-1]?
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