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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || D.C machines

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Question 1

A 4 pole separately excited DC motor with lap connected winding and 800 conductors when fed with a 300 V source takes 50 A of current and drives a 6-kW load. The flux per pole is 20 mWb. The torque developed is

Question 2

Statement 1: In DC machines, to reduce sparking dummy coils are used.

Statement 2: In DC machines, armature MMF is stationary with respect to field poles.

Question 3

Q. A 220 C DC shunt motor is running at 1200 rpm and drawing a current of 10A. Its armature winding a resistance is 1Ω. It is brake by plugging. The resistance to be connected in series with armature to restrict armature current to 10A, is-

Question 4

In a DC motor drive, if the armature current is reversed by keeping field current positive producing a braking torque, then drive is said to be operating in

Question 5

A 5 KW, 200 V, DC shunt motor has armature resistance and field resistance of 1 Ω and 100 Ω respectively. At no load, the motor draws 6 A from 200 V supply and runs at 1000 rpm. What is the total copper losses in the machine?
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