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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Converter (Chopper)

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Question 1

In current commutated chopper the auxiliary thyristor stops conducting due to

Question 2

A step up chopper is supplied with a voltage of 200V. The load current is ripple free and the value is 20A. The chopper is commutable with commutating circuit with capacitor value of 100 µF. The commutation time of the circuit is:

Question 3

In a buck boost converter, if duty cycle ratio is less than 0.5 then it acts is:

Question 4

A step up chopper is supplied by voltage of 300 V. with on time period of 20 msec. The circuit turn off time is 2 msec. The switching frequency is 4.167 Hz.

The average output voltage is:

Question 5

In a buck converter the load voltage is 50 V supplied from a 10 V source If the off time of switch is 1 msec then switching frequency of chopper is:
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