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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz 55 || Fourier Transform & its Properties

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Question 1

A discrete time signal with input as x[n] has impulse response h[n]=kδ[n] where k is constant. The output y[n] of the system is given as:

Question 2

Consider a continuous time signal given as

Find the continuous time Fourier Transform of the signal.

Question 3

A signal x(t) is denoted by a function which is periodic and continuous in its time domain representation. Then, which of the following would be true for the fourier transform of the signal
(i) Discrete and Periodic
(ii) Discrete and Aperiodic
(iii) Real{x(t)} transforms in to Real{X(jω)}
(iv) Real{x(t)} transforms in to Imag{X(jω)}

Question 4

Find the inverse Fourier transform of signal

Question 5

The Fourier transform of the signal shown in the following figure is
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