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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz 54 || Fourier Series Representation of Continuous Periodic Signals

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Question 1

which of the following functions cannot be expanded in Fourier series in the interval (-π, π)

Question 2

Let denotes the exponential Fourier series coefficients of a continuous time signal , the fundamental frequency is and is given as

Then the value of

Is given by

Question 3

Consider a discrete time periodic signal of period of whose one period is given as follows

The discrete time Fourier series coefficients of is given as

Question 4

The EFS expansion of a signal is x(t)

x(t) =  . The fundamental period of x(t) is

Question 5

Consider a periodic signal x(t) with fundamental frequency ω0. The coefficient CK corresponding to  in the complex exponential Fourier series and ak corresponding to cos(kω0t) in the trigonometric Fourier series are related as
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