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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz 38 || special Diodes

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Question 1

The values of voltage (VD) across a tunnel-diode corresponding to peak and valley currents are VP and VV respectively. The range of tunnel-diode voltage VD for which the slope of its I – VD characteristics is negative would be

Question 2

When the optical power incident on a photodiode is 10 µW and the responsivity is 0.8 A/W, the photocurrent generated (in µA) is ____

Question 3

Match items in Group 1 with item in Group 2, most suitable.
Group 1
Q- Avalanche photodiode
R- Tunnel diode
Group 2
1- Heavy doping
2- Coherent radiation
3- Spontaneous emission
4- Current gain

Question 4

A particular green LED emits light of wavelength 5490oA. The energy band gap of the semiconductor material used there is (Planck’s constant = 6.625x10-34 J-s.)

Question 5

For the circuit shown below, assume that the zener diode is ideal with a breakdown voltage of 6 Volts. The waveform observed across R is:
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