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ESE 2021 Non-Technical Quiz || Renewable & Non-Renweable Energy Sources

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Question 1

The Energy Park Scheme in 1998-99 promoted by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources was to:

Question 2

Which among the following tidal power generators works without a rotor?

Question 3

Nuclear energy cannot be counted under renewable energy sources due to:
i. presence of uranium deposits
ii. presence of nuclear waste
iii. presence of nuclear pollutants due to nuclear waste

Question 4

A Biomass gasifier runs a diesel engine in dual fuel mode with 75% diesel replacement. This engine produces indicated power of 200 kW with mechanical efficiency 80% and brake thermal efficiency of engine is 40%. Solid biomass is fed at 90 kg/hr in gasifier. The conversion efficiency of biomass gasifier is ___________? [Calorific values of Diesel is 45 MJ/kg and producer gas is 17 MJ/kg].

Question 5

Statement-I: Wind Energy is the indirect form of solar energy.

Statement-II: Typically, wind speeds from 20 m/s to about 65 m/s are considered favourable for most of the wind turbines.

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