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ESE 2021 ME Technical Quiz || Equilibrium of Forces

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Question 1

A worker applies a force on a carton so as to move it one place to another. If the force applied in that particular direction is not sufficient then the force will

Question 2

A force of 50 N is applied on a nail whose tip has an area of cross section of 0.02cm2. Find the pressure on the tip

Question 3

A rigid ball of weight 100 N is suspended with the help of a string. The ball is pulled by a horizontal force F such that the string makes an angle of 30 ° with the vertical. The magnitude of force F (in N) is __________

Question 4

The bob of a simple pendulum of length 1m has mass 100g and a speed of 1.4m/s at the lowest point in its path. Find the tension in the string at this instant. Take g=10 m/s2

Question 5

As stated by the Lami’s theorem, the three forces must be
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