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ESE 2021 ME || Full Revision Mock Test-7

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Question 1

The ratio of hoop stress for a thin cylindrical pressure vessels to the thin spherical vessels is

Question 2

In a Non-linearity error curve, maximum error is shown by alphabet:

Question 3

A lamp is fitted vertically downward by a wire inside a lift which is moving downward with an acceleration of 5.5 m/s2. If the tension in the wire is (FT ) 12.0N, find the mass of the lamp?

Question 4

In an inert gas welding process, the commonly used gas is

Question 5

When a rotor of mass 100 kg is mounted on a shaft, a bending deflection of 0.1 mm is observed at the place where the rotor is placed, what is the dangerous speed(rpm) of the rotor?

Question 6

The lead time in material requirements planning is the time between

Question 7

The usual method of defining machinability of a material is by an index based on

Question 8

According to which theorem when a number of loads rest upon a beam, the deflection at any point is equal to the sum of the deflections at this point due to each of the loads taken separately?

Question 9

In the assembly of pulley, key and shaft:

Question 10

What shall be the centre distance between the axes of pinion and gear when a 20 ° full-depth involute profile pinion with 20 teeth meshes with a gear that has 50 teeth for a module of 6 mm?

Question 11

For measuring the temperature by using single reference point after 1954, the temperature taken for reference was

Question 12

Cavitation is caused by______.

Question 13

Four stroke engines should develop ____________ power as that of a two-stroke cycle engine.

Question 14

Which of the following correctly states how the viscosities of a liquid and a gas will change with temperature?

Question 15

In what form are the boiler’s tube arrange in Lamont boiler?

Question 16

The mercury does not wet a glass due to ________?

Question 17

Which of these is a stationary boiler?

Question 18

Which of the following is true _________?

Question 19

The Stefan-Boltzmann constant has units of

Question 20

What type of boiler is a Lamont boiler?
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