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ESE 2021 ME || Full Revision Mock Test-6

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Question 1

The area of a Mohr’s circle is 154square cm. If the circle is centered at (6,0) and the scaling parameter used is 1cm = 10MPa, then calculate the major principal stress.

Question 2

A system of masses rotating in different parallel planes in dynamic balance if –

Question 3

A batsman knocks back a ball straight in the direction towards the bowler without altering its initial speed of 12 m/s.If the mass of the ball is 0.15 kg, the magnitude of  impulse (in Ns)imparted to the ball is ___.

Question 4

The stresses encountered in metal forming processes, are ________.

Question 5

A vibrating system with mass 4kg and stiffness 36N/m and a damper has a damping coefficient of 12 Ns/m. Calculate the time period of oscillation (s) when an exciting force of 27sin3t is applied. (Take 0.8662 = 0.75).

Question 6

Which type of stress is developed at the cross section of the shaft when it is subjected to a twisting moment?

Question 7

Misrun is a casting defect which occurs due to

Question 8

Which of the following is also known as military organisation?

Question 9

What does ‘a’ and ‘e’ indicate in the surface texture symbol shown below

Question 10

If the ratio of the diameter of rivet hole to the pitch of rivets is 0.25, then the efficiency of the joint is.

Question 11

Change in entropy of universe during reversible cyclic processes is

Question 12

The moisture in a refrigerant is removed by

Question 13

The Ericsson cycle consists of _______.

Question 14

“The velocity of entrance and exit through a nozzle remains the same.” Is this ever possible?

Question 15

A pump delivers water at a rate of 0.25 m3/s against a head of 20 m .If the overall efficiency of the pump is 50%, the power required by the pump is _________.

Question 16

For two infinite parallel gray planes with emissivities ∈1= ∈2 = 0.5, the  view factor of each plate  is

Question 17

The slope of constant enthalpy lines on a T-P coordinate system is ________.

Question 18

According to Prandtl Blasius relation, the thickness of boundary layer in turbulent flow is______.

Question 19

Compression ratio of I.C. engine is

Question 20

The vapour compression refrigerator follows which of the following cycle
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