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ESE 2021 ME || Full Revision Mock Test-4

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Question 1

When at a point two solid phase changes to one solid phase on cooling then it is known as _________.

Question 2

A dimension is stated as 25 ± 0.02mm in a drawing. What is the tolerance in mm?

Question 3

In case of dynamic analysis of single slider crank chain working in the horizontal direction, the correct expression for Piston effort is given by

Question 4

Rankine’s theory is applicable to ____?

Question 5

In a circle an ant travel from A to B as shown in figure, the displacement travelled by the ant is____.(if radius of the circle is R)

Question 6

In a factory, an elevator is required to carry a body of mass 100 kg. What will be the force (in N) exerted by the body on the floor of the lift, when the lift is moving upwards with retardation of 0.8 m/s2 ?

Question 7

Which welding process is used to join two thick plates in one single pass?

Question 8

The variance of the activity in a PERT network with the worst and best period of 42 and 36 days respectively is _______

Question 9

The relation between  is


Question 10

When can a piezometer be not used for pressure measurement in pipes?

Question 11

The radiative heat transfer rate per unit area (W/m2) between two plane parallel grey surfaces (emissivity = 0.9) maintained at 400 K and 300 K is (Stefan Bottzman constant = 5.67 x 10-8 W/m2 K4)

Question 12

A jet propulsion unit, with turbojet Engine, having forward speed of 1000 km/hr, produces 20 kN of Thrust and uses 50 kg of air per sec .Find the exit jet velocity ?

Question 13

Two systems have the same wet bulb temperature at 20 °C. System “A” has Dry bulb temperature of 25 °C since it has a relative humidity of 65%. System “B” has a relative humidity of 30%. What will be its dry bulb temperature?

Question 14

Maximum efficiency is obtained in centrifugal pumps when the blades are _________.

Question 15

The freezing point of Sulphur dioxide is __________.

Question 16

In which of the following process, there is only work interaction between the system and the surroundings:-

Question 17

The heat flow rate through parallel walls of thickness L1, L2 and L3 having surface areas A1, A2 and A3, thermal conductivities k1 ,k2 , and k3 respectively, with the first and last walls maintained at temperatures t1 and t2 will be

Question 18

Separation of flow occurs when pressure gradient_______.

Question 19

The relation  , where s represents entropy, Q represents heat and T represents temperature (absolute), holds good in which one of the following processes?

Question 20

Resistance of material against any external force is known as :
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