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Question 1

The feed of a tool with nose diameter = 4 mm, is 6 mm. Find peak to valley height ___________.

Question 2

A small ball of mass 1 kg moving with a velocity of 8 m/s undergoes a direct central impact with a stationary ball of mass 2 kg. the impact is perfectly elastic. The speed of 2 kg mass ball after the impact is _________.

Question 3

A cube strikes a stationary ball exerting an average force of 50 N over a time of 10 mili sec. The ball has mass of 0.20 kg. Its speed after the impact will be

Question 4

As per maximum shear stress theory of failure. The relation between yield strength in shear (𝜏𝑦) and yield strength in tension (σt) is __________.

Question 5

Modulus of resilience is the area under the curve of_____.

Question 6

Which of the following is an advanced finishing processes used for gears?

Question 7

Match list-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the list:

List –I

(Material properties)

A) Ductility

B) Toughness

C) Endurance limit

D) Resistance to penetration


(Test to determine properties)

1) Impact test

2) Fatigue test

3) Tension test

4) Hardness test

Question 8

In the queuing theory, if the arrivals in a single server model follows Poisson distribution, the time between arrivals will follows a

Question 9

The follower starts from rest at beginning and it comes to rest at end of stroke. During its travel the follower may follow approximately with of the following motion :

Question 10

How many degrees of freedom does the below mechanism have?

Question 11

A heat pump operating on Carnot cycle pumps heat from a reservoir at 27°C to a reservoir at 327°C The coefficient of performance is :

Question 12

If two gases having same initial conditions (P, V, T) are mixed in a container of volume ‘2V’ and temperature ‘T’, then the pressure of the mixture will be

Question 13

Which law of thermodynamics will be violated, if the thermal efficiency of an engine becomes 100%?

Question 14

Which cycle consists of two reversible isotherms and two reversible isobars?

Question 15

A certain air has DBT 35oC and DPT of 20oC, the corresponding saturation pressure of water being 5.628 kPa and 2.33 kPa respectively. When the atmospheric pressure is assumed as 1.0132 bar, the specific humidity of air will be

Question 16

A turbine generates a power of 19600 kW while operating under a head of 256 m. The turbine runs at 200 rpm. The specific speed of the turbine is:

Question 17

Pitot tube is used for measurement of _______.

Question 18

Match List-I (Cycle) with List-II (Equipment) and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists.
A. Air refrigeration
B. Vapour Compression refrigeration
C. Vapour absorption refrigeration
D. Steam jet refrigeration
(1). Absorber
(2). Flash chamber
(3). Turbine
(4). Compressor

Question 19

Match List-I (Gas cycles) with List-ii (Thermodynamic Coordinates) and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:
A). Carnot cycle
B). Brayton cycle
C). Ericsson cycle
D). Stirling cycle
1). Pressure-Entropy
2). Pressure-Temperature
3). Temperature-Volume
4). Temperature-Entropy

Question 20

A furnace has a 20 cm thick wall with thermal conductivity 0.8 W/m-k. For the same heat loss from the furnace , what will be the thickness of the wall if the thermal conductivity of the material is 0.16 W/m-k?
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