ESE 2021 Mains Result Out ! Strategy for Facing ESE/IES Interview and DAF details

By Pankaj Kumar|Updated : January 6th, 2022

ESE Mains 2021 results are now available at On 6th August 2021, UPSC announced the Tier 1 result of the ESE IES 2021 test. The ESE 2021 Preliminary Examination was held on July 18, 2021, in an offline format across India. On 21st November 2021, the ESE Tier 2 Exam was held, which consisted of two 300-mark examinations from the Engineering Discipline. There were around 1500 candidates that took the ESE 2021 mains examination, with only 568 being selected for the IES 2021 interview.

The ESE IES 2021 Interview is scheduled to take place soon. This article will provide you with the ESE 2021 result PDF, which includes branch wise selected candidates with their roll numbers. Read what procedures you should take after clearing the ESE 2021 Mains exam.

ESE IES 2021 important Result Dates



ESE 2021 Prelims Exam

18th July 2021

ESE 2021 Prelims Result

6th August 2021

ESE 2021 Mains Exam

21st November 2021

ESE 2021 Mains Result

22nd December 2021

ESE 2021 Interview

To be notified soon

ESE 2021 Final Merit List

To be notified soon

UPSC ESE 2021: Fill Detailed Application Form (DAF) 

The Detailed Application Form (DAF), which will be available online on the commission's website from 27th December 2021 until 7th January 2022. The candidates will be notified of the interview schedule in due course. The precise date of the interview, however, will be communicated to the candidates by e-mail. The interview schedule by roll number will also be made available on the commission's website. 

Important point to be noted while filling DAF :

  • Detailed Application Form (DAF) is the basis of your interview and in the interview, some questions may directly flow from your DAF.
  • The preference of departments must opt with a proper understanding of job profile in various departments, nature of work, promotion aspects, facilities, and diversity in the job.
  • The departmental preference once submitted in DAF cannot be changed thereafter, hence it is a lifetime decision.

After ESE mains result :

Focus on interviews and Concept Revision 

Since the last couple of years, it has been observed that in ESE/IES Interview candidates are asked more questions from technical, technical applications &Job profile (if you are working) as compared to areas of current affairs and personal profile, therefore you should focus on basic /core technical subjects and revise definitions, principles, and applications. Here are some basics tips and most common question asked in ESE interview .

  1.  Introduce yourself.
  2.  Tell me something about your family?
  3. Tell something about your place?
  4.  What are your hobbies?
  5. Questions may be asked related to your hobbies.
  6. How do you spend your free time?
  7. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  8. Tell us something about your past experiences
  9. Why do you want to join Engineering Services?
  10. Have you qualified in any other exams?
  11. Are you interested in Civil Services?
  12. Why don’t you go for Civil Services?
  13. Why do you prefer ESE over Civil Services?
  14. Why are you interested in the applied post?
  15. Why is a drop/increase of marks in your B.Tech?
  16. Tell me some experiences of your college life.
  17. What will you do if not selected this time?
  18. If you are selected in IES, will you still go for Civil services?
  19. What are your favourite subjects?
  20. What is your current work profile and do you like it?
  21. Who is your role model?
  22. How to justify railways as your first choice?
  23. Why do you want to leave your present job?
  24. Why did you leave your last job?
  25. Explain your project in BTech/MTech?
  26. Tell me about the most challenging engineering project that you have been involved with.
  27. Tell me about a project with team conflict. How did you resolve it and complete the project?
  28. Why do you join engineering stream (me/ce/ee/ec)?
  29. Are you interested in politics?
  30. What is the line of control?
  31. What is the current scenario of India-Pakistan relation?
  32. What is your opinion about corruption in India?
  33. What do you know about Make in India campaign?
  34. What do you know about Union budget in India?
  35. What are the achievements of DRDO in India’s defence system?
  36. What is RTI? and explain.
  37. Exhausting natural resources questioning the future of the world. How to preserve and regenerate them?
  38. What is Naxals problem in India?, How to control it?
  39. What is global warming?
  40. What are the issues with global warming?
  41. What is Your opinion on major current international, and national events?
  42. What is the dream in life and where do you see yourself in next 5 years?
  43. Why should you be selected?

Check the official result here for ESE 2021 Prelims & Mains, and interested candidates can download the result separately from the below link.

Direct link to check UPSC ESE Mains Result 2021

Direct link to check UPSC ESE Prelims Result 2021


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