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ESE 2021: General Aptitude (Profit and Loss & Discount)

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Question 1

The list price of an article is 160 and a customer buys it for 122.40 after two successive discounts. If the first discount is 10%, then second discount is

Question 2

On selling an almirah for Rs. 2576, a person got a profit of 12%. Had it been bought for Rs. 100 less, the profit per cent would have been

Question 3

An item costing ₹ 200 is being sold at 10% loss. If the price is further reduced by 5%, the selling price will be

Question 4

the marked price of a clock is ₹3200. It is to be sold at ₹2448 at two successive discounts. If the first discount is 10%, then the second discounts is

Question 5

Raghavan purchased a scooter at of its selling price and sold it at 12% more than its selling price. His gain is

Question 6

A person sold a horse at a gain of 15%. Had he bought it for 25% less and sold it for Rs. 60 less, he would have made a profit of 32%. The cost price of the horse was

Question 7

A manufacturer marked an article at Rs. 50 and sold it allowing 20% discount. If his profit was 25%, then the cost price of the article was

Question 8

Ram bought a cycle for Rs.5500. He then sold it at 5% profit and again bought a new cycle for Rs.7500. He sold this cycle also but this time with a loss. If he incurred loss of Rs. 2000 overall in both cycles then how much loss he incurred in second cycle?

Question 9

A person A sells a table costing Rs. 2000 to a person B and earns a profit of 6%. The person B sells it to another person C at a loss of 5%. At what price did B sell the table?

Question 10

While selling a shirt, a shopkeeper gave a discount of 7%. If he had given a discount of 9%, he would have got Rs. 15 less as profit. The marked price of the shirt is how much?
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