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ESE 2021: General Aptitude (Distance & Direction)

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Question 1

Rama left home and walked 5 km southwards, turned right and walked 2 km and turned right and walked 5 km and turned left and walked 5 km .How many kilometers will she have to walk to reach her home straight?

Question 2

Rani and Sarita started from a place X. Rani went west and Sarta went North, both travelling with the same speed. After sometimes, both turned their left and walked a few steps. If they again turned to their left, in which directions’ the faces of Rani and Sarita will be?

Question 3

Khan travels 8 km from East to West and turns right to travel 2 km. Now he turns right and travels 5 km. In which direction is he now positioned with reference to the starting point?

Question 4

Raju drives 25 km North and turns left and travels 5 km and reaches point ‘O’. He then turns right and covers another 5 km. Afterwards turns to East and drives 5 km. How much distance he has to travel to go back to the starting point?

Question 5

Zubin is moving in the west direction on the platform to catch the train. After moving 15m, he took left turn and moved 5m and took right turn and moved 10m and finally he took right turn and by moving 2m he took his seat. In which direction his seat is from his starting point?

Question 6

Sohan drove 15 km to the west from his house, then turned left and drove 20 km. He then turned left and drove 25 km and finally turning left covered 20 km. How far he is now from his house?

Question 7

X walked 20 feet from A to B in the East direction. Then X turned to the right and walked 6 feet. Again X turned to the right and walked 28 feet. How far is X from A ?

Question 8

Nidhi walks 5 km towards the North, takes a right turn and walks 10 km. She now takes a left turn and walks 5 km. She finally takes another left turn and walks 10 km. Towards which of the following directions is she walking now?

Question 9

Prem starts to school from his house and walks 400 metres towards north, turns left and walks 100 metres, turns left and walks 200 metres, turns left and walks 100 metres. How far he is away from his house?

Question 10

A man is facing the west direction and from there he walks 10 km in the right and then turns left and walks another 6 km. Then, he turns 90o clockwise and walks for another 6 km and finally walks 6 km in the east. Find the distance between his initial and final position.
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