JEE Main Physics Notes

By : Navin Joshi

Chapter-wise important JEE Main Physics notes for exam preparation and quick revision. The Physics study material includes most weightage chapters and their topics which will prominently be asked in the JEE Main 2021 exam. The syllabus of the physics section includes complex topics that are quite difficult to manage with less time of exam preparation. To overcome this difficulty we have come up with the Physics important study notes which help you focus only on major topics of the chapters. Check all notes & download their PDF for JEE Main Physics from the list shared below.

JEE Main Physics Notes

Sr. No.JEE Main Physics Study Material
1Unit Dimension Error Measurement Notes
2Kinematics Notes
3Laws of Motion Notes
4Work Energy and Power Notes
5Rotational Motion Notes
6Properties of Solids and Liquids Notes
7Oscillations Notes
8Waves Notes
9Heat and Thermodynamics Notes
10Thermal Properties of Matter Notes
11Gravitation Notes
12Electrostatics Notes
13Moving Charges and Magnetism Notes
14Current Electricity Notes
15Electromagnetic Induction Notes
16Alternating Current and Electromagnetic Waves Notes
17Wave Optics Notes
18Atoms and Nuclei Notes
19Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation Notes
20Communication System Notes

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