Electronics Engineering : Foundation Quiz Plan For GATE 2023

By Mona Kumari|Updated : June 28th, 2022

GATE Aspirants must be preparing with their full effort to achieve a good rank in the upcoming GATE 2023 exam. BYJU'S Exam Prep is always with the students during their journey of preparation and helps them to achieve their target. So here BYJU'S Exam Prep brings you a foundation Quiz plan for Electronics Engineering students to boost up their preparation in the right direction.

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GATE 2023 Foundation Quiz Plan Details (Monday- Friday)

  • Number of Questions: 6 ( Subjects wise Technical Questions)
  • Time Duration: 18 minutes
  • Live Time: 9 AM
  • Quiz Details: 4 Questions of 1 Marks, 4 Questions of 2 Marks
  • Marking Scheme: (+1) for correct answer and (-1/3) for the wrong answer ; (+2) for correct answer and (-2/3) for the wrong answer

GATE 2023 Weekly Evaluation Quiz Plan Details (Every Saturday)

  • Number of Questions: 8 ( Subjects wise Technical Questions)
  • Time Duration: 20 minutes
  • Live Time: 9 AM
  • Quiz Details: 4 Questions of 1 Marks, 4 Questions of 2 Marks
  • Marking Scheme: (+1) for correct answer and (-1/3) for the wrong answer ; (+2) for correct answer and (-2/3) for the wrong answer

Benefits of the Foundation Quiz Plan For GATE 2023

  • Questions are prepared by the subject experts of our team as per the level of the GATE Exam.
  • It will cover each subject which is important.
  • Check your rank and analyse your level of preparation.
  • By attempting a quiz, you can enhance your accuracy and speed.
  • It will help you to maintain consistency in your GATE 2023 preparation.

The schedule of the Foundation Quiz Plan For GATE 2023 is as given below, Candidates can save this article as it will be updated regularly.

18 April 2022Attempt NowNetworksBasics of Circuit Theory
19 April 2022Attempt Now Networks Circuit Theorems 
20 April 2022 Attempt Now NetworksSteady-State Analysis 
21 April 2022 Attempt Now Networks Transient Analysis 
22 April 2022 Attempt Now Networks Two Port Networks 
23 April 2022 Attempt Now Networks  Combination of all topics
25 April 2022 Attempt Now Analog Circuits Diode Circuits & BJT 
26 April 2022Attempt Now Analog Circuits BJT biasing & regulator 
27 April 2022 Attempt Now  Analog Circuits BJT amplifier & JFET 
28 April 2022Attempt Now  Analog Circuits  
29 April 2022 Attempt Now  Analog Circuits Op-amp 
30 April 2022 Attempt Now Analog Circuits Combination of all topics 
2 May 2022Attempt Now  Control system sfg, sensitivity
3 May 2022 Attempt Now  Control systemTime response, steady-state error  
4 May 2022 Attempt Now  Control system Routh, Root locus  
5 May 2022 Attempt Now  Control system Frequency Domain Analysis, Nyquist Plots
6 May 2022Attempt Now  Control system ode plot 
7 May 2022 Attempt Now  Control system Combination of all topics 
9 May 2022 Attempt Now EDC Semiconductor Basic 
10 May 2022 Attempt Now  EDC PN Junction 
11 May 2022 Attempt Now EDCBJT 
12 May 2022 Attempt Now  EDC MOSFET , Mos Capacitor
13 May 2022Attempt NowEDCSpecial Diodes  
14 May 2022Attempt NowEDCCombination of all topics 
16 May 2022Attempt Now Digital CircuitsNumber System
17 May 2022Attempt NowDigital Circuits k map, logic gates
18 May 2022 Attempt NowDigital Circuits Combinational circuits  
19 May 2022Attempt Now Digital CircuitsSequential circuits 
20 May 2022Attempt NowDigital Circuits ADC /DAC , finite state machine  
21 May 2022 Attempt NowDigital Circuits Full Subject
23 May 2022 Attempt NowSignal & System Basic of Signal  
24 May 2022Attempt NowSignal & SystemSystem & Fourier transform
25 May 2022 Attempt NowSignal & SystemLTI convolution, Laplace transform 
26 May 2022Attempt NowSignal & SystemZ transform & Fourier series 
27 May 2022Attempt NowSignal & SystemDTFT, Filter  
28 May 2022Attempt NowSignal & System Full Subject 
30 May 2022Attempt NowCommunication System AM, FM
31 May 2022Attempt NowCommunication SystemAngle modulation  
1 June 2022Attempt Now Communication System 
2 June 2022 Attempt Now Communication SystemBaseband modulation  
3 June 2022Attempt Now Communication SystemRandom variable, information theory  
4 June 2022Attempt NowCommunication System Full Subject
6 June 2022Attempt NowEMTVector calculus
7 June 2022Attempt NowEMTElectrostatics
8 June 2022Attempt NowEMTMagnetostatic & Maxwell equation
9 June 2022Attempt NowEMTWave Propagation
10 June 2022Attempt NowEMTBoundary Condition
11 June 2022Attempt NowEMTFull Subject
13 June 2022Attempt NowEMTTransmission line
14 June 2022Attempt NowEMTWaveguide
15 June 2022Attempt NowEMTAntenna
16 June 2022Attempt NowNetworkNetwork theorems
17 June 2022Attempt NowNetworkNetwork theorems
18 June 2022Attempt NowEMTEMT Full Subject
20 June 2022Attempt NowNetwork  
21 June 2022Attempt NowNetwork Resonance circuit
22 June 2022Attempt NowNetwork  
23 June 2022Attempt NowNetwork Two-port, transient  
24 June 2022Attempt NowAnalog CircuitsDiode 
25 June 2022 Attempt NowNetwork Full Subject 
27 June 2022Attempt NowAnalog CircuitsClipper clamper
28 June 2022Attempt NowAnalog CircuitsBJT
29 June 2022Attempt NowAnalog Circuits 

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  • Benefits of the GATE ECE Foundation Quiz Plan:

    • Our team's subject experts prepare questions based on the level of the GATE Exam.
    • It will cover all of the important topics.
    • Examine your ranking and your level of preparation.
    • Candidates can improve their accuracy and speed by taking a quiz.
    • It will assist you in remaining consistent in your GATE Exam preparation.
  • The GATE EC paper comprises a total of 65 questions, according to the GATE exam pattern.

  • Yes, these quizzes are free for the GATE EC exam.

  • You can click on the Quiz link shared in the article to open Quiz.

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