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By Sneha Shanti|Updated : December 20th, 2018

Hello Gradians,

As per the new initiative that we promised you all, we bring to you the second edition of the study material that will replenish your already existing stock. Keeping in line with the Economic and Social Development part of the syllabus, the topic that we have dealt with in today's article is on Education and Human Resource in India. 

To assert one’s agency, it is imperative that a citizen is informed and is responsible. To capitalize on his potential, it is important that a man’s capabilities are sharp enough. All these make education in a liberal and an individualistic society all the more important. In today’s article, we walk through India’s progress in the field of human resource. We present to you the statistics from the national census 2011 along with the three major educational policy reforms undertaken by the Indian government. We have at length discussed the initiatives taken by the government at the primary, secondary and the higher level to enhance education in India. We have also discussed Dr. Sen’s capability approach towards the ends to help you understand the nuances between education and lack of opportunity and how that shapes a person’s overall development.

Currently, as per the first-ever scientific study that has ranked countries for their levels of human capital reports, India ranks 158th out of the 195 countries for its investments in education and health care as measurements of its commitment to economic growth. This study has been published in the journal The Lancet.

P.S. The articles in this series will also be highly helpful for essay writings as they are based on the sociological and economical aspect of the syllabus.

So, click on the link below to read the article & BYJU'S Exam Prep your UPSC exam prep!

Education and Human Capital in India

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Saqib WaniJan 2, 2019

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