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ECIL GET 2018 : Topic wise test-2 (Operating System)

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Question 1

In which one of the following pages replacement policies, Belady’s anomaly may occur ?

Question 2

Where does the swap space reside?

Question 3

Which access method is used for obtaining a record from cassette tape?

Question 4

Process that periodically checks status of an I/O devices, is known as :

Question 5

How many wires are threaded through the cores in a coincident-current core memory?

Question 6

There are four bus lines between A and B; and three bus lines between B and C. The number of way a person roundtrip by bus from A to C by way of B will be

Question 7

Find number of page faults using LRU page replacement policy, for following string and number of Frames is 3
String: 2 3 2 1 5 2 4 5 3 2

Question 8

Which of the following defines the spatial locality?

Question 9

Minor device number is

Question 10

The security of a system can be improved by
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