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ECIL GET 2018 : Topic wise test-1 (Database)

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Question 1

Consider the following in the given table

How many functional dependencies are exists in the canonical cover of this relation.

Question 2

Attribute Y is said to be fully functionally dependent on attribute X if it is

Question 3

How many minimum Relations required from the following ER Diagram which are satisfy 4 NF?

Question 4

SELECT e.ename, d.dname
FROM   emp e, dept d
WHERE  e.deptno = d.deptno
AND    e.sal > 1000;

Determine the capability of the SELECT statement demonstrated in the given query.

B. Filtering
C. Joining
D. Projection

Question 5

In ER-model , weak entity meets which of the following conditions is true?

Question 6

Singleton is

Question 7

Which of the following statements is correct.

Question 8

A secondary index on a non candidate key

Question 9

The concept of clustering index is based on which of the following:

Question 10

An index file consists of :
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