Do's and Don'ts for CLAT 2022 Exam Preparation

By Prakhyati Chauhan|Updated : April 6th, 2022

Only 2 months are left for your CLAT 2022 Test Preparation, thus applicants should know what are the Do's and Don'ts for CLAT 2022 examination. This article is important for those scholars who are going to appear in the CLAT 2022 and other Law Entrances Examinations. BYJU'S Test Prep Experts have outlined the Do's and Don'ts for CLAT 2022 Test Preparation to insure productive and affect- acquainted examination.

Also, know the CLAT 2022 Strategy and important points which you have to exercise and revise. 

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 Do's for CLAT 2022

1. Understand the Paper

  • Know the Pattern & detailed Syllabus of CLAT- If you aren't apprehensive of the detailed syllabus about the CLAT, also it would come a little delicate for you to start preparing for the CLAT test.

  • Know the weightage of marks from every section.

  • You can make a strategy consequently. As you know GK & Current Affairs Section and Legal Reasoning Section holds very important weightage in CLAT, then you should spend further time in the GK & Current Affairs and Legal section.

    So, an applicant should know the weightage of marks of each section is concerned. Unless or until you're familiar with a content it's a problem for you.

  • You can not prepare for CLAT 2022 duly unless you're familiar with the exam pattern and the syllabus.

2. Exercise Previous Year Paper

  • Solve previous year papers of CLAT- Exercising PYQP will help an applicant to understand the pattern and position of the questions asked in the CLAT test.

  • We've seen last time that CLAT at time repeats its own questions. That is the reason one should Exercise the previous year papers.

  • This exercise will give you a veritably clear idea about the difficulty position of questions.

  • You must break former times of the CLAT 2021 question paper.


3. Make a proper study plan

  • Prepare a schedule –-An applicant should have a proper study plan.

  • Study plan plays a very important role here. It give a fair idea to the student that what should be completed in a day.

  • Set small goals for everyday and put it in your study plan.

  • Allocate proper time to all the sections and stick to your schedule.

4. Analyze Mock Test (CLAT)

  • Appear for as numerous Mock tests as possible. The more you break Mock test papers, the better it's for you.

  • After trying the Mock test, make sure to dissect the CLAT Mock test. Don't repeat the mistake in the coming mock test.

  • To succeed you need harmonious trouble to dissect your miscalculations and work on them.

  • You must understand- What are your areas of enhancement? Where do you need further time to exercise?

  • Working mock tests regularly will help you with regard to time operation.

5. Practice Regularly

  • It's generally said  "Practice makes a man perfect."

  • Daily practice of the questions is a must-have. It'll surely give you an edge over others in the test competition.

  • Break as numerous questions as possible from every possible source.

  • Don’t lose touch with regularly working questions.

  • Every week make sure you should break 100 questions of CLAT.


  • Do read journals on a diurnal base similar as 'The Hindu or the Indian Express'. – this will help you to ameliorate your English, General Awareness Legal Aptitude and Logic section.

Don’ts for CLAT 2022

1. Don't mug up answers

  • Don't mug up answers. If you mug up answers to a particular question and if there's a unforeseen change in that question also the answer would be absolutely different.

  • Certain effects you need to mug over. For illustration, Legal Maxim-Of course, if you don't mug up Legal Maxim and Legal Term it would be delicate for you.

  • Have a habit of mugging up but to a limited extent.

2. Don’t stress too important

  • Don't stress yourself too much. We've seen in once scholars who are appearing for CLAT stress a lot. So, don't stress your tone.

  • Take it easy. Focus only on what you're presently studying.

3. Don’t ignore your weakness areas

  • Scholars have this habit of ignoring their weak areas.

  • You should know what's your strength and your sins and also only you would be in a position where you can concentrate more on your weakness and concentrate less on your strength.

  • Suppose, a candidate is weak in Maths or English, he/ she should exercise more Calculi and English subjects. However, he/ she might end up lower practice with these sections, If a person veritably good at Logic and Legal Aptitude.

  • So, you must be in a position where you should know what are your strong and weak areas.

4. Don't guess during the test

  • Remember that in CLAT there's a negative mark of 0.25 mark for every wrong answer.

  • Because guessing might end up reducing your mark.

  • Still, do not try to essay the question, If you ’re not sure of the answer.

5. Don't skip your schedule

  • A lot of applicants, make calendars but don't stick to it.

  • This will lose instigation in your studies.

  • Consistency and dedication are the keys to success.

At last, Be positive & keep faith in you.

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