Does ISRO Recruit Through GATE?

By Himanshu Bajpai|Updated : April 7th, 2022

Does ISRO recruit through GATE?: Being a scientist in the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is believed to be a prestigious and respectable job for engineering prospects. Many engineering aspirants are always confused and question, 'Does ISRO recruit through GATE?'. ISRO releases scientist engineer recruitment notifications for various engineering disciplines, which can also be shortlisted through GATE 2022 scores. 

Candidates will get to know every tiny detail like Does ISRO recruit through GATE?, the ISRO scientist job, recruitment registration, syllabus, exam date, eligibility criteria, and many more with the release of the ISRO scientist engineer notification 2022 PDF. Candidates will also know about the ISRO Scientist Engineer vacancy in 2022 to prepare accordingly. Check out the details of the ISRO Scientist Engineer 2022 below in the article.

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IS GATE Essential Qualification for ISRO Recruitment?

Students who had a query 'Does ISRO recruit through GATE' also have a query that 'Is GATE an essential qualification for ISRO recruitment to be clear, GATE can be used as a tool for shortlisting by ISRO. A good GATE score will raise your confidence level, and the design of your GATE preparation will help you crack the ISRO written exam and Interview.

The following options are open for young aspirants to become scientists/engineers in ISRO:-

  1. If you get old IITs(through a good GATE score), ISRO conducts a direct placement interview.
  2. You can be admitted to IIST( candidate only, through JEE marks). This institute is made to create active minds in aerospace/avionics. You will get ISRO directly(CGPA is the criteria)

ISRO Scientist Engineer Recruitment 

Engineering graduates from recognized universities are selected as Scientist/Engineer 'SC' for the eligible engineering disciplines. The answer to the question 'Does ISRO recruit through GATE? is Yes; ISRO will shortlist candidates for interviews based on GATE scores and its own offline examination in definite proportions.

  1. Candidates should be aware of the updated information regarding the exam through its official site for the ISRO Scientist Engineer exam but the date for 2022 has not been announced yet.
  2. Online applications will begin shortly after releasing the ISRO scientist engineer recruitment 2022 notification in the following disciplines.


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  • Yes, ISRO recruit through GATE but it uses GATE score for shortlisting candidates for Interviews.

  • Yes, ISRO recruit through GATE ME exam but it uses the GATE score for shortlisting candidates for Interviews or further rounds.

  • ISRO does not completely recruit through the GATE EE exam but it uses the GATE score for shortlisting candidates for Interviews or further rounds.

  • Yes, it is possible to get into ISRO without giving a GATE. for that, you have to look for the job openings in ISRO through any employment news.

  • Mechanical branch has most candidates appearing for ISRO but vacancies are also more so a rank below 500 general ranks is required for ISRO to qualify in GATE.


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