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Question 1

Z’s house is 45 m South to P’s house. J’s house is 50 m South to H’s house. Q’s house is 30 m West to Z’s house. M’s house is 50 m North to P’s house. H’s house is 30 m West to M’s house. In which direction and at what distance is J’s house with reference to Q’s house?

Question 2

Vaishali is having dinner at 9:00 p.m. On her watch, she observes that the minutes hand is pointing towards the north direction. In which direction would the hours hand be facing at that time?

Question 3

Nirav faces south-east. He turns 135 ° clockwise. He then rotates counterclockwise 90°. Now he rotates 225° clockwise. Which direction is he facing now?

Question 4

Kartik walks 40 m straight from his home towards the North. Then, he turns left and walks 25 m He turns left again and walks 15 m. Finally, he turns left and walks 25 m to reach Point-X What is the shortest distance between his home and point-X?

Question 5

Eight friends A, B, C,D, E, F, G and H are sitting anticlockwise in the same sequence around a circular table at equal distance from each other. All are facing the centre of the table. If G is sitting in the Southeast, then in which direction is A sitting?

Question 6

Rashmi, dropping out of her college, turned 15 m towards the south. She then turns left, walking 35 meters to reach pastry shop. She then turns to the right and walks 15 meters. She then turns right and walks 35 meters to reach her home. What is the approximate minimum distance between Rashmi's college and her house, from the pastry shop?

Question 7

Malini went from her office to the bank. She started her journey facing West. First, she went 2 km straight; then she turned to her right and went 3 km; finally, she turned left and walked 2 km to reach the bank. 

What is the shortest distance between Malini’s office and the bank?

Question 8

Ram and Shyam start from a fixed point. Ram moves 6 km south and turns right and then covers 8 km. Shyam moves 10 km east and turns right and walks 6 km. Now how far and in which direction is Ram from Shyam?

Question 9

Amar moved 20 km towards east in car from his home to reach hospital. From there he turned left and moved 30 km and again move 20 km left to reach his school. How far is his school from home?

Question 10

Prasad moves towards North a distance of 10 km after which, he turns towards East and travels 20 km at which point, he turns South and continues for another 10 km. Finally, he moves 7 km West. How far is he from the starting point?
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