Differentiate Between Subsistence and Commercial Farming.

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : October 3rd, 2022

The difference between Subsistence and Commercial Farming is that Subsistence farming is practised on small patches of land. On the other hand, Commercial farming is single crop grown on a large area. Subsistence farming and Commercial farming are the types of farming practised in different parts of India. 

Difference between Subsistence and Commercial farming

The differentiation between Subsistence farming and Commercial farming is given in the table below.

Diffrentiate between Subsistence farming and Commercial farming

Subsistence farming

Commercial farming

Tools like hoe, dao, and digging sticks, etc. are used.

It requires heavy doses of high-yielding variety (HYV) seeds, chemical fertilisers, insecticides, and pesticides.

It depends on the monsoon and the natural fertility of the soil.

The aim is to obtain higher productivity.

Farmers shift to a fresh patch of land for cultivation when the soil fertility decreases.

The industries use the produce from this farming as raw material.

The fertility of the soil is replenished naturally.

The crop grown is mainly for the market.

Example - Jhumming

Example - Plantation

Subsistence Farming vs Commercial Farming

Subsistence farming is a type of farming that is done to meet the needs of the farmer's family. In this, domestic labor and a low level of technology are used for crop production.

Commercial farming is practiced to raise crops and animals for sale in the market. Most of the work in this type of farming is completed by the use of machines. Large amounts of capital and a large area of land are used.

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FAQs on Difference between Subsistence and Commercial Farming

  • The difference between subsistence and commercial farming is that subsistence farming is practised to meet the requirements of the farmer’s family. In contrast, commercial farming is practised for the sale of crops in the market.

  • Types of subsistence farming: intensive subsistence agriculture and primitive subsistence agriculture. Types of commercial farming: grain farming, mixed farming, and plantation agriculture.

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