Differentiate Between National and Regional Parties

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : August 18th, 2022

Political parties play an essential role in a democracy as they are the visible institutions that are crucial in the formation of the government. There are two types of political parties in India - National and Regional Parties. To differentiate between national and regional parties, we have provided the table below.


Differentiate Between National and Regional Parties

National Political Parties

Regional Political Parties

National parties deal with national-level issues and are influential in the whole nation.

Regional parties have a limited amount of influence and are powerful only in a specific region or state. They discuss the issues and demands of a specific region. 

National parties give more preference to national issues over regional problems

The operations of regional parties are confined to the country or the state in which they work, focusing on local issues.

A party must gain more than 6% of the total votes in the Lok Sabha or assembly elections in 4 different states to become a national party.

A party must receive a minimum of 6% votes in the legislative election to become a regional party and win at least 2 seats.

Examples of national parties - BJP, Congress and BSP.

Examples of regional parties - Manipur People Party, Anta Dal, and Assam United Democratic Front.


Differentiate Between and Regional Parties

Some of the most significant differences between national and regional parties are:

National parties have influence all over the nation and deal with issues at the national level. Whereas, regional parties are influential in certain regions and deal with regional problems. 

Moreover, national parties must gain a minimum of 6% of votes in the Lok Sabha elections, whereas regional parties must score 6% votes in legislative elections to become a regional party.


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