Differentiate Between Communicable and Non Communicable Disease | Communicable Vs Non Communicable Disease

By K Balaji|Updated : November 9th, 2022

Communicable diseases will spread from one person to another such as TB, AIDS and common cold whereas non communicable diseases will not spread from one person to the other such as heart diseases.

The differences between communicable and non communicable diseases are:

Communicable diseases

Non-communicable diseases

A person can contract a communicable disease from another person by contact, air, water, etc.

Diseases that cannot be spread from one person to another through contact, air, water, etc. are known as non-communicable diseases.

These are highly contagious and brought on by contagious organisms including bacteria and viruses, among others.

They are not contagious and are not brought on by any contagious agents.

These conditions are not hereditary.

These conditions are hereditary.

Examples: Common cold, Tuberculosis, AIDS

Examples: Diabetes, Heart diseases

Causes of Non-communicable diseases

Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and chronic respiratory conditions are the leading non-communicable diseases. The lack of physical activity, anomalies in the metabolism, a sedentary lifestyle, and the emergence of some cancers appear to be contributing factors in the development of NCDs.

Poor, less nutritive diets fall short of meeting one's nutritional needs, and problems with sugar, salt, and fat consumption promote the emergence of non-communicable diseases. In addition, abusing alcohol and cigarettes increases the risk of cancer, lung disease, and metabolic disorders. Unsustainable ecosystem processes have an impact on bodily functions and lead to the emergence of certain diseases.


Differentiate Between Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases

TB, AIDS, and the common cold are examples of communicable diseases that pass from one person to another, whereas cardiac disorders are examples of non-communicable diseases that do not.

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