Difference between WPI and CPI

By Sudheer Kumar K|Updated : February 9th, 2021

WPI measures the change in prices at the wholesale level, whereas CPI measures the change in prices at the retail or consumer level. There are many differences between the two indices ranging from the authority that publishes, measurement of inflation, number of items covered and base year etc. 

Inflation means a general rise in the level of prices consistently over a period of time. There are various methods to calculate inflation. It is measured majorly through WPI and CPI in India. Let us see the major differences between the two.

S. No.

Matters of comparison





It measures the changes in prices of goods at the wholesale level i.e. stages before the retail level. 

It measures the changes in prices of goods and services at the retail level. 


Published by

 Office of Economic Adviser in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry

CPI (Rural, Urban, Combined) are published by the Central Statistics Office under the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

CPI (IW/Industrial Worker), CPI (Rural Labourer), CPI (Agricultural Labourer) by Labour Bureau


Data Released on

Weekly basis (primary articles, fuel and power) and

Monthly basis (overall data)

Monthly basis


Measures Prices of

Goods only, services are excluded

Both goods and Services


Measures Inflation

At the first stage of the transaction

At the final stage of the transaction


Prices paid by

Manufacturers and wholesalers



Basket of Items

697 items into three groups:

Primary articles, Fuel and Power, Manufactured Goods

448 items (Rural)

460 items (Urban).

CPI basket is classified into various categories: food and beverages, clothing, housing, fuel and light, recreation and etc.


Base Year




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