Difference between “Antim PAG" and “Pehla Kadam"

By Vivek Chauhan|Updated : June 15th, 2022

A total of 377 Gentleman Cadets of 150 Regular Course and 133 Technical Graduate Course, including 89 Gentleman Cadets from eight friendly foreign countries successfully passed out from the portals of Indian Military Academy in June 2022. All of defence aspirants have a separate corner for 'Antim PAG' and 'Pehla Kadam'. Here in thsio article we will discuss on what is the difference between the 'Antim PAG' and 'Pehla Kadam'.


Antim Pag

‘Antim Pag’ translates to ‘Final Step’ are the words written on the exit of the parade ground where the passing out parade (POP) of various academies is held. i.e Officer's Training Academy Chennai (OTA), Indian Military Academy (IMA), National Defence Academy (NDA), Airforce Academy (AFA), Indian Naval Academy (INA). As the Passing out Parade comes to an end, each Cadet marches out of the Parade Ground, in slow march past, towards the Exit. The ‘Last Step’ signifies that this is his last step from a Cadet to an Officer. This is the ‘Step’ for which each  each Cadet has devoted his training journey and the experience of crossing this is inexplicable. After Gentlemen and lady candidates pass over the ANTIM PAG they officially become an officer in Indian armed forces.

Pehla Kadam

Pehla Kadam translates to ‘Final Step’. First step shows that the journey is not over rather it's the beginning of an adventurous life for the young officers, this first step "PEHLA KADAM" will give them the power and confidence to win the forefront challenges. 

PEHLA KADAM Before 2021, there used to be ‘ANTIM PAG’ or the last step, after the parade which symbolises the completion of their training. This was formally replaced by our ex COAS General M.M Naravane by ANTIM PAG.
As COAS addressed in his speech, this “PEHLA KADAM” shows that the journey is not over, but it has started for the young officer and this first step will give him the confidence to deal with the forthcoming challenges. 

After the training, crossing PEHLA KADAM or the First step symbolises the beginning of a new life for an officer. All those adventures and thrills are waiting for them which they will have to face with bravery and true comradeship.

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IMA Passing Out Parade 12 June 2022

The passing out parade (POP) of a total of 377 GCOs was reviewed by Lieutenant General Amardeep Singh Bhinder, Commanding-in-Chief, South Western Command of the Army, chief guest of the event. The cadets became joined the Indian Army as they took the last step amid the tunes of 'Saare Jahan Se Achcha' and 'Kadam Kadam Badaye Jaa'.

  • Review Officer Bhinder awarded the Sword of Honor to Mausam Vats of Samastipur (Bihar).
  • Neeraj Singh Papola of Udham Singhnagar (Uttarakhand) won the gold medal while Mausam Vats got silver and Ketan Patial of Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) won bronze. Digant Garg of South Delhi also won a Silver Medal (TG).
  • Tenzin Namge of Bangladesh was adjudged the best foreign cadet.
  • After clearing the course, a total of 89 GCOs of the armies of eight friendly countries, namely Afghanistan, Bhutan, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan and Tanzania became part of the armies of their respective countries.
  • Of these GCOs, 150 have passed regular courses and 133 have passed technical graduate courses.

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