Difference between Adjournment and Prorogation

By Sudheer Kumar K|Updated : February 12th, 2021

In this article, we will be discussing the difference between Adjournment and Prorogation in brief. Adjournment means termination of a sitting, whereas Prorogation means termination of an entire session.


The Parliament shall meet at least once in six months. That means Parliaments shall meet at least two times a year. Conventionally, Parliament conducts three sessions every year:

  1. Budget Session (First session in the fiscal year): From last week of January to May
  2. Monsoon Session: July to August/September
  3. Winter session: November to December

Key terms to understand

  • A session consists of several continuous meetings for several days as mentioned above.
  • Each meeting has two sittings: One, morning and two, afternoon.


S. No.




It terminates only a sitting of the house, not the session.


It terminates the whole session of the house, not only the sitting.


For example, Speaker adjourns the sitting, when the MPs create continuous disturbance to the normal functioning of the house. And after some time or in the next sitting the house meets.

For example, terminating the Monsoon session completely.


It is issued by the presiding officer of the House (Speaker of the Lok Sabha or The Chairman of Rajya Sabha).

It is issued by the President of India, after Speaker issued Adjournment sine die (terminates a sitting for an indefinite period). Because it is the President who summons and prorogues a session to transact business.


Since adjournment terminates only a sitting of the house, it does not affect the bills or any other business pending before the House and the same can be resumed when the House meets again.  

It also does not affect the bills or any other business pending before the House. However, all pending notices, other than those for introducing bills, lapse on prorogation and fresh notices have to be given for the next session.



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