Important DFCCIL Logical Reasoning Questions: Download PDF in Hindi and English

By Ashwini Shivhare|Updated : May 23rd, 2021

DFCCIL Logical Reasoning Questions PDF and Important Tips: Logical Reasoning is an integral part of the DFCCIL Stage 1 CBT Exam. Reasoning holds a high weightage in the online Computer based test exam. In addition to that, CBT is a common exam for every category post.

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DFCCIL Logical Reasoning Important Tips and Questions | Download PDF: Logical Reasoning is an integral part of the DFCCIL Stage 1 CBT Exam. Reasoning holds a high weightage in the CBT exam. In addition to that, CBT is a common exam for every category post.

In this article, we are sharing with you all the topic-wise tips for the DFCCIL Logical Reasoning section. In addition, a pdf of important Logical Reasoning questions for the DFCCIL 2021 Exam based on the tips shared on the topics. Students can download the PDF in English and Hindi.
Before we move forward to the logical reasoning tips and questions, take a quick look at the DFCCIL stage-1 CBT exam

Exam pattern of DFCCIL for Executive (Operations & BD/ Civil/ Mechanical/ Signal & Telecommunication), Junior Manager (Civil/ Mechanical/ Electrical/ Operations & BD) posts:


DFCCIL Exam pattern for the post of Junior Executive (Mechanical, Electrical, Signal & Telecommunications, Operation)



DFCCIL Logical Reasoning Questions and Tips

Venn Diagram

You must draw a figure for this and solve it. Do not use your brain unnecessarily. Basically, in this two types of questions are asked: Direct & Indirect based.

  • Direct Venn Diagram Example: Establish the relation between Dog, Animal & Pet.
  • Indirect Venn Diagram Example: Doctors, Engineers, and Singers are represented by circle, square & rectangle respectively. Find out the area which represents engineers and singers but not doctors.

Sample Question

In the given figure, which number represents those who play polo, chess, and football but not basketball.


  1. 15
  2. 11
  3. 17
  4. 13

Answer ||| B

Solution ||| Circle represents chess, Triangle represents football, Square represents polo and Rectangle represents basketball.


The number which is common to the persons who play polo, chess, and football but not play basketball is shown in the blue shaded part which is

Blood Relation

The difficulty level depends on the question. Be prepared for all types of questions. Do not confuse in relation terminology

Sample Question

Raghu and Babu are twins. Babu’s sister is Reema. Reema’s husband is Rajan. Raghu’s mother is Lakshmi. Lakshmi’s husband is Rajesh. How is Rajesh related to Rajan?
A. Father-in-law
B. Cousin
C. Uncle
D. Son-in-law

Answer ||| A
Solution ||| According to the information, Reema is the daughter of Rajesh and Lakshmi.
Rajan is the husband of Reema.
Therefore, Rajesh is the father-in-law of Rajan.
Hence, option (A) is the correct response.

Ranking Order

Easiest one but most of the time candidates answer it incorrectly as they note down wrong data while solving the questions or put the wrong symbol. Very careful while solving it.

Sample Question

P got more marks than Q. R got less marks than T. S got more marks than T but less marks than Q. Who is in exact middle in these five?
A. S
B. T
C. Q
D. R

Answer ||| A
Solution |||

  • From first statement
    • P>Q
  • From second statement
    • R < T
  • From statement three
    • Q > S > T
  • From all statements
    • P > Q >S >T >R

Distance & Direction

In these types of questions, assume any direction and solve the question according to that assumed direction. Assumed Direction Map should be correct. Check the distance asked in question whether it is a short distance or overall distance. 

Sample Question

Vineet goes 20km north and then 21km east and then takes a 135degree turn clockwise and walks and reaches the starting point again. Find the thrice of the total distance travelled by him till he reaches the start point again?
A. 280
B. 70
C. 140
D. 210

Answer ||| D
Solution ||| He starts from A goes 20km north and 21km east and then 135-degree turn makes him face south-west and he meets point A travelling 29 km from B (by Pythagoras theorem). So total distance will be 20+21+29= 70km and thrice is 210km.


Hence, option D is the correct answer.

Missing Number

Moderate to Difficult, be careful while attempting this question. Try as many as patterns you can but fast. 

Sample Question

Select the missing number from the given responses:


  1. 20
  2. 18
  3. 15
  4. 16

Answer ||| C

Solution ||| From the first row:
7×2 = 14 , 14+ 5 = 19
From second raw
6×2 = 12, 12+ 5 = 17
Similarly in third raw
5×2 = 10, 10+ 5 = 15
Hence ? = 15

DFCCIL Logical Reasoning Important Questions PDF English

DFCCIL Logical Reasoning Important Questions PDF Hindi

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