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DFCCIL Executive Rapid Quiz 28

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Question 1

If 6#30=5; 8#24=3; 7#28=4; then what is the value of 8#40=?

Question 2

With which country has India signed an agreement for assistance in green and sustainable construction of infrastructure in the Himalayan Kingdom in December, 2016?

Question 3

The reciprocal of specific reistance is

Question 4

Kirchhoff's two laws for electrical circuits are manifestations of the conservation of

Question 5

Extremly low power dissipated and low cost per gate can be achieved in the following IC:

Question 6

……………. coupling is generally employed inpower amplifiers.

Question 7

DVM is the abbreviation for which of the following?

Question 8

Consider the following statements:
The transfer impedances and admittances of a network remain constant when the position of excitation and response are interchanged if the network
1. is linear
2. consists of bilateral elements
3. has high impedance or admittance as the case may be
4. is resonant

Question 9

Which of the following memories is capable of operating of electronic speed?

Question 10

Consider the following block diagram in the figure.

The transfer function
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