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Question 1

Select the related number from the given alternatives.

-3/7 : 7/3 :: 9/2 :?

Question 2

‘When the pressure on a sample of a dry gas is held constant, the Kelvin temperature and the volume will be directly related.’ This concept is known as____.

Question 3

A certain class amplifier has a current gain of 75 and a voltage gain of 50. The power gain is

Question 4

If a mod-4 counter is constructed using 3 flip-flops, the counter will skip

Question 5

When a unity p.f. synchronous motor is operated at a leading p.f., it results in ……………..

Question 6

A circular loop of area 0.01 m2 carrying a current of 10 A is held perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field of intensity 0.1 T. The torque acting on the loop is

Question 7

A moving coil voltmeter gives full-scale deflection of 100 V for a meter current of 1 mA. For 45 V reading, the meter current will be ………………….

Question 8

The phase voltage in a 3-phase circuit is and the corresponding phase current is The power factor is

Question 9

Supplier’s fuse, which is provided in domestic wiring system is

Question 10

A factory which has a maximum demand of 175 kW at a power factor of 0.75 lagging is charged at Rs. 72 per kVAR per annum. If the phase advancing equipment costs Rs. 120 per Kvar, what is the most economical power factor for the factory? Interest and depreciation total 10% of the capital investment on the phase advancing equipment.
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