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DFCCIL Executive Rapid Quiz 26

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Question 1

Which answer figure will complete the pattern in the question figure?

Question 2

Which mechanism is used by the computer virus 'worm' to duplicate itself?

Question 3

It is desired to build a transformer-coupled power amplifier having maximum power output of What should be the power rating for class design?

Question 4

The Nyquist of the system is shown below,

Corresponding to this plot, what is the open loop transfer function?

Question 5

At full-load, the rotor poles of a synchronous motor are displaced by a mechanical angle of from their no-load position. If the machine has 40 poles, then torque angle is …………..

Question 6

Two long straight parallel conductors, 10 cm apart, carry currents 5A each in opposite directions. Then the magnetic flux density at a point mid-way between them is

Question 7

In general, fluid friction damping is not employed in indicating instruments although one can find its use in …………

Question 8

If one of the resistors in Fig. is open-circuited, power consumption will be? If original Power consumed is 690 W …………………..

Question 9

Which of the following equipments is used to limit short-circuit current level in a sub-station?

Question 10

1 kWh = …………… kcal
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