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DFCCIL Executive Rapid Quiz 20

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Question 1

‘Pupil’ is related to ‘Class’ in the same way as ‘Bead’ is related to ?

Question 2

Who is known as the founder of the ‘Khalsa Panth’?

Question 3

A four-stage amplifier has voltage gains ,, and The overall voltage gain of this multistage amplifier is

Question 4

The transformer used in a welding set is

Question 5

Unit of electric flux is

Question 6

A directional overcurrent protection consists of

Question 7

A wire has a resistance of 6 ohms. It is bent in the form of an equilateral triangle. The effective resistance between any two corners of the triangle is

Question 8

A moving coil voltmeter gives full-scale deflection of 100 V for a meter current of 1 mA. For 45 V reading, the meter current will be ………………….

Question 9

The angle of asymptotes for the system shown below are

Question 10

A master slave flip-flop has the characteristic that
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