Describe the Role of Women in the French Revolution?

By K Balaji|Updated : January 20th, 2023

Women played a critical role in the French revolution by demanding the right to vote and equal wages and establishing many political clubs. However, due to the patriarchal setup of society, their contributions have not always been recorded. Even during the French Revolution, women were active participants, bringing crucial changes to French society.

Role of Women in the French Revolution

You should be aware that women have played a crucial part in every historical movement and revolution before we discuss the role of women in the French Revolution. However, even in this historical movement, they played a key role. Here are some points highlighting their contribution.

  • The right to vote and the demand for equal pay were perhaps the two most significant demands made by women during the French Revolution.
  • These demands were necessary because, at the time, women didn't have access to education and training.
  • In addition, women played an important role in the French Revolution by founding a number of political organisations and publications, including "Republican women" and "the society of revolutionary."
  • Last but not least, Olympe de Gouges was one of the most prominent women revolutionaries during the French Revolution.


Describe the Role of Women in the French Revolution.

The women of France played a significant role in the French revolution. The French Revolution was a time when radical ideas changed French society, making the role of women in this movement crucial. During this time, women made their voices heard by arguing for equal pay and the right to vote. Additionally, they started political organisations and published publications like "the society of revolutionary" newspapers.

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