Describe How Modern Adaptations of Traditional Rainwater Harvesting Methods are Being Carried Out to Conserve and Store Water?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 5th, 2022

Modern adaptations of traditional rainwater harvesting methods are being carried out to conserve and store water. There are many traditional ways in which rainwater can be reused for other purposes. Traditional rainwater harvesting methods are also cost-effective. Here are some of the most popular age-old methods being used to store rainwater these days:

  • Rooftop rainwater harvesting - Rainwater collected on rooftops is collected through pipes into a tank. In Meghalaya and Shillong, 15-20% of water requirements are met through this system. This system is practised in Rajasthan as well.
  • Bamboo drip system - In Meghalaya, the 200-year-old bamboo drip system is used where bamboo pipes are used to collect rainwater to reuse it.
  • Underground rainwater harvesting - Underground tanks are created to store rainwater in places like Rajasthan.
  • Percolation ponds - Constructed across a natural water body to store the runoffs from the catchment area.

Modern Adaptations of Traditional Rainwater Harvesting

Traditional rainwater harvesting methods are still popular and are being adapted in the modern era to repurpose rainwater. Rainwater harvesting is the best way to fulfil the demand for water in areas with scarcity of water. In locations like Rajasthan, rainwater is harvested from rooftops and collected into tanks. In other places like Meghalaya, Shillong, etc., age-old methods of rainwater harvesting are used to meet the demand for water.

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  • Traditional rainwater harvesting methods are being used in the modern era for a variety of reasons. Methods like bamboo drip systems, rooftop rainwater harvesting, percolation ponds, etc. are still popular to collect and store rainwater for use.

  • Rainwater harvesting can help in the storage of large quantities of water, which can be used for several purposes. Stored water can also be used in situations of drought or scarcity of water. Traditional methods like rooftop rainwater harvesting, bamboo drip system, etc., are used to harvest rainwater.

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