Indian Army TGC Selection Process 2021

Indian Army TGC Selection Process 2021

ByDhruv Kumar  |  Updated on: Jul 27, 2021
TGC Army 133 Notification has been released for a total of 40 vacancies. Male and eligible candidates can apply online for TGC Army 133 2021 exam. Check out more details such as application form, eligibility criteria, selection process, salary, promotion criteria and more.
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TGC 133 Selection Process 2021

TGC 133 Selection Process 2021 details have been released in the notification announcing 40 vacancies for Technical Graduate Course (TGC 133). The Indian Army has published it on its official website on February 25, 2021.

The selected recruits will get admission into the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun (IMA). All interested candidates are advised to thoroughly check the TGC 133 Selection Process 2021 and all associated eligibility criteria associated with it. The Indian Army TGC 133 is a tough nut to crack. Thorough knowledge about the selection process will help you prepare well and evaluate your chances of clearing all the TGC 133 Recruitment Stages.

NCC TGC 133 Selection Process 2021

The NCC Selection Process for TGC 133 includes three phases. They are as follows.

  • Shortlisting
  • SSB Interview
  • Medical Examination

Candidates are required to clear all three stages for final selection. Below all the selection stages have been elaborated.

TGC 133 Shortlisting 2021

Shortlisting is the first phase of the NCC Selection Process for the TGC 133.  At this stage, shortlisting of candidates is done based on the marks scored in their final year of Engineering. The integrated HQ of MoD (Army) has the right to finalize cut off percentage marks for every engineering course or stream. The final year candidates will be selected to appear in SSB Interview if they fulfill the following conditions.

(i) It is important to achieve the cumulative percentage of marks up to the 6th semester/3rd year of the course. While up to 8th semester/4th year of B. Architecture (B.Arch) and up to 2nd semester/1st year of M.Sc, the cumulative percentage must not be below the approved cut off percentage in their respective streams.

(ii) The cumulative percentage of marks in the final semester must not be less than the approved cut off percentage, else the candidature will be canceled.

TGC 133 SSB Interview 2021

The second phase of the Selection Process for the TGC 133 is the SSB Interview. The shortlisted candidates will be intimated about their center allotment through their mails. Thereafter, candidates will do login to the website and select their preferred SSB dates as per a first-come and first-serve basis. However, the facility to opt for a suitable date by candidates for SSB could be forfeited due to any unexpected circumstances.

The SSB Interview shall be conducted for a period of 5 days. The details of which have been given below.

Stage I- Screening

SSB Interview Screening: This is the first stage of the SSB interview. At this stage, two tests, namely PPDT and Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning Test, shall be conducted to assess the potential of the candidate.

Stage II- Consists of 3 different kinds of tests followed by Conference.

  • SSB Interview Psychological Test: There are four tests conducted which are Self-Description Test (SD), Situation Reaction Test (SRT), Word Association Test (WAT), and Thematic Apperception Test (TAT). These tests are conducted to evaluate the mental strength of a candidate.
  • SSB Interview GTO: This takes place on the 3rd & 4th day of the SSB Interview. It involves 9 different tasks mentioned below designed to assess a candidate's mental strength, physical strength, and ability to work in a team.
  • GD (Group Discussion)
  • GPE (Group Planning Exercise)
  • PGT (Progressive Group Task activity)
  • HGT (Half Group Task)
  • IOT (Individual Obstacles Task)
  • Command Task
  • Snake race/Group Obstacle Race:
  • Individual Lecturette
  • FGT (Final Group Task)

SSB Personal Interview: In this test, the candidate is judged individually on all grounds. Candidates are judged on their general knowledge, personality, body language, alertness, and many other significant criteria. This stage of the interview is particularly difficult.

SSB Interview Conference: This is the last round of the SSB Interview stage. This round is used to cross-check if the candidate fits all parameters for selection.

TGC 133 Medical Examination

The next phase of the Selection Process for the TGC 133 is the medical examination. After successfully passing the interview stage, candidates will go through a medical examination. Once candidates are given a clean check as medically fit, they will be provided with the Joining Letter for training.

The training is given according to the eligibility and the vacancies available. Indian Army specifically selects a team of medical officers to conduct comprehensive candidate medical examinations to rule out any diseases and deformities.

Only the candidates who are medically fit as per the Indian Army's prescribed standards are selected. There is no role of the Directorate General of Recruiting in any Medical Boards. The words of the Competent Medical Authorities will be final.

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Indian Army TGC Exam Selection Process FAQs

  • The application dates for TGC 133 Recruitment 2021 were between February 25, 2021, and March 26, 2021. No more applications shall be accepted.

  • No, only male candidates are eligible to apply for the  TGC 133 recruitment.

  • A total of 40 vacancies have been announced by the Indian Army for TGC 133, commencing in July 2021.

  • IMA Stands for Indian Military Academy and it is in Dehradun.

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