TGC Eligibility Criteria 2021

TGC Eligibility Criteria 2021

ByDhruv Kumar  |  Updated on: Jul 27, 2021
TGC Army 133 Notification has been released for a total of 40 vacancies. Male and eligible candidates can apply online for TGC Army 133 2021 exam. Check out more details such as application form, eligibility criteria, selection process, salary, promotion criteria and more.
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Indian Army TGC 133 Eligibility Criteria 2021

TGC 133 is an excellent opportunity for engineering candidates willing to build a career in the Indian Army. The Indian Army has released an official notification providing all particulars regarding Indian Army TGC Eligibility Criteria 2021 for all interested candidates.

All interested applicants are advised to check their eligibility before applying for TGC 133. The recruitment drive is being conducted to fill a total of 40 vacancies this year. All details associated with eligibility, such as nationality requirements, age limit, and minimum education qualification, have been laid down below for your ready reference.

Indian Army TGC 133 Age Limit

As per Indian Army TGC 133 Eligibility Criteria 2021, The Indian Army TGC 133 Age Limit is 20 to 27 years. This means their birthdate must be between 02.07.1994 & 01.07.2001, including both dates. The board will consider the candidate’s age mentioned on the matriculation certificate or an equivalent examination certificate. No other age-related document will be accepted. 

Indian Army TGC 133 Nationality Requirments

As per the Indian Army TGC 133 Eligibility Criteria 2021, Candidates applying for Indian Army TGC 133 must be either

  1. A citizen of India
  2. A subject of Nepal
  3. A person of Indian origin who has migrated from Burma, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and East African Countries of Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, Zambia, Vietnam, Zaire, Ethiopia, and the United Republic of Tanzania to permanently settle in India

Candidates belonging to categories B and C mentioned above must hold a certificate of eligibility issued by the Government of India. However, for candidates who are Gorkha subjects of Nepal, the certificate of eligibility will not be necessary. All candidates for whom the certificate of eligibility is mandatory are required to attach such a certificate to their application.

Indian Army TGC 133 Minimum Education Qualification

As per the Indian Army TGC 133 Eligibility Criteria 2021, all details regarding the Indian Army TGC 133 Minimum Education Qualification requirements are laid down below for your ready reference. 

  • The candidates who have passed the Engineering Degree course as mentioned in the official notification can apply.
  • The candidates pursuing the final year of the Engineering degree course can apply. They must submit proof of passing the Engineering degree examination and mark sheets of all semesters/years by 01 Jul 2021. They must produce their degree certificate within 12 weeks of the commencement of training at IMA. All such candidates will be inducted on an Additional Bond Basis. 
  • The candidates pursuing the final year of the Engineering course should be free from carrying any backlogs. In case of any backlogs, the candidates will not be permitted to appear for the SSB Interview, and their candidature shall be cancelled 
  • Candidature of all final year/final semester candidates failing to meet the approved cut off percentage shall be cancelled. 

Indian Army TGC 133 Eligible Engineering Streams

For a total number of 40 vacancies mentioned in Indian Army TGC 133 Eligibility Criteria 2021, candidates must note that only those engineering streams and their acceptable equivalent streams mentioned in the table given below will be allowed. Aspirants with degrees in any other engineering streams which not mentioned in the table are not eligible to apply.

Engineering Streams (AI Listed)

Equivalent Engineering Streams


Civil/ Building Construction Technology

  1. Civil Engineering & Planning 
  2. Structural Engineering 
  3. Civil Engineering 
  4. Building and Construction Technology
  5. Construction Engineering  
  6. Civil & Rural Engineering 
  7. Civil Engineering (Construction Tech)
  8. Civil Engineering (Structural Eng. ) 
  9. Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
  10. Environmental Planning 
  11. Construction Technology 
  12. Building Engineering and Construction 
  13. Construction Engineering and Management 
  14. Civil Technology 
  15. Construction Technology & Management 
  16. Civil and Environmental Engineering 
  17. Environment Engineering 
  18. Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering) 
  19. Environmental Science and Technology 
  20. Environmental Science and Engineering 
  21. Environmental Engineering 
  22. Civil Engineering(Public Health Engineering)
  23. Civil Engineering Environmental and Pollution Control



  1. Mechatronics Engineering
  2. Mechanical Engineering 
  3. Mechanical & Automation Engineering
  4. Mechanical (Mechatronics) Engineering
  5. Advanced Mechatronics and Industrial Automation Engineering 


Electrical/ Electrical and Electronics

  1. Electrical Engineering 
  2. Electrical Engineering (Electronics & Power) 
  3. Electrical & Electronics Engineering 
  4. Electrical and Mechanical Engineering 
  5. Electrical & Electronics (Power System) 
  6. Electrical, Electronics and Power 
  7. Power System Engineering 
  8. Electrical Instrumentation & Control Engineering 
  9. Electrical Instrumentation Engineering 
  10. Electrical and Power Engineering 


Computer Science and Engineering/ Computer Technology/ M. Sc. Computer Science

  1. Computer Engineering 
  2. Computer Science Engineering  
  3. Computer Science 
  4. Computer Science & Engineering 
  5. Computer Technology
  6. 3-D Animation and Graphics 
  7. Computer Science and System Engineering 
  8. Computer and Communication Engineering 
  9. Advanced Computer Application 
  10. Computer Networking 
  11. Computer Science and Technology 
  12. Computer Science and Information Technology 
  13. Computer Engineering and Application 
  14. Computing in Computing 
  15. Computing in Multimedia 
  16. Artificial Intelligence 
  17. Electrical and Computer Engineering 
  18. Electronics and Computer Science 
  19. Computing in Software 
  20. Mathematics and Computing 
  21. Computer Engineering (Software Engineering) 
  22. Computer Science & Engineering 
  23. Nano Science & Technology 
  24. Electronics and Computer Engineering 
  25. Data Science Programme 
  26. Nano Technology 
  27. Automation & Robotics 
  28. M.Sc. Computer Technology 
  29. M.Sc. Computer Science 
  30. Robotics & Automation


Information Technology

  1. Information and Communication Technology 
  2. M.Sc. Information & Communication Technology
  3. Information Engineering 
  4. Software Engineering 
  5. Information Science and Technology 
  6. Information Science & Engineering 
  7. Information Technology and Engineering 
  8. Information Technology
  9. M.Sc. Information Technology 
  10. Geo-Informatics 


Electronics and Telecommunication 

  1. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering 
  2. M.Sc. Electronics & Telecommunication 
  3. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (Technology in Electric Radio) 
  4. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (Technologynician Electronic Radio)


Telecommunication Engineering

  1. Tele-communication Engineering


Electronics and Communication 

  1. Electronics & Communication Engineering 
  2. Electronics & Communication Engineering (industry Integrated)
  3. Communication Engineering 
  4. Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering
  5. Electronics & Communication (Communication System Engineering)
  6. Applied Electronics & Communications 
  7. M.Sc. Microelectronics & Advanced Communication 
  8. Electronics Communication & Instrumentation Engineering 
  9. Electronics & Communication Engineering (Microwave) 
  10. Advanced Electronics & Communication Engineering 
  11. M.Sc. Communication 
  12. Advanced Communication & Information System


Satellite Communication 

  1. Satellite Communication


Aeronautical/ Aerospace/ Avionics

  1. Aeronautical Engineering 
  2. Avionics Engineering 
  3. Aero Space Engineering 
  4. Aerospace Engineering 
  5. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering 
  6. Aviation Engineering


Automobile Engineering 

  1. Automobile Engineering 
  2. Mechanical Engineering (Industry Integrated)  
  3. Automotive Technology 
  4. Mechanical Engineering (Automobile) 
  5. Automobile Maintenance Engineering
  6. Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing Engineering) 
  7. Mechanical Engineering Automobile 
  8. Mechanical Engineering (Welding Technology) 
  9. Mechanical Engineering (Production) 
  10. Mechanical Engineering Design


Textile Engineering 

Textile Engineering 





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Indian Army TGC Exam Eligibility Criteria FAQs

  • No, as per the Indian Army TGC 133 Eligibility Criteria 2021, there are no age relaxation norms.

  • The last date to apply for the Indian Army TGC 133 was 26 Mar 2021.

  • The training location for Indian Army TGC 2021 is the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun.

  • No, as per Indian Army TGC 133 Eligibility Criteria 2021, the birthdates of all candidates must be between 02.07.1994 and 01.07.2001.

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