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Question 1

When is National Doctors' Day observed?

Question 2

Editor KV Sampath Kumar passed away recently. He was the editor of which language newspaper?

Question 3

Which option is not correctly matched with reference to new governors and respective states?

Question 4

In which country the Indian Army Chief inaugurated the Indian Army Memorial in July 2021?

Question 5

Who is the present chairman of LIC?

Question 6

DBT- NIBMG, has created the world’s first database of genomic variants named “dbGENVOC”, in which disease?

Question 7

When was the Environment (Protection) Act enacted?

Question 8

With which country, India held the inaugural meeting of ‘Financial Markets Dialogue’ in July 2021?

Question 9

Which country will host the 2026 World Badminton Championships?

Question 10

UDAN is the regional air connectivity scheme. What does UDAN stand for?
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