Defence Current Affairs: Arjun Mark 1-As(MBT)

By Dhruv Kumar|Updated : March 17th, 2020

The Indian Army is set to finally place an order for 118 indigenously manufactured Arjun Mark 1-A ‘Hunter Killers’, which will have the all-weather capability and better firepower and stability than the Arjun main battle tank (MBT).

The Mark 1-A, developed by DRDO, features 14 major improvements sought by the Army, including better firepower and new transmission systems.

  • In a comparison between the two tanks (Arjun and the T-90), not only Arjun displayed its own unique features but also proved itself better in some respects than the T-90 Russian tank. 
  • In an exercise which lasted for 96 hours, the Arjun and the T-90 faced off on 20 key operational parameters. 
  • Major among them were mobility, loading the tank with ammunition, tactical manoeuvres and the most important of all, firing at the Army’s Mahajan ranges in Rajasthan. 
  • The team which designed and developed Merkava Mark IV tank(Israel Main battle) were third party evaluators used by DRDO to prove Arjun MBT is the Best Tank in the segment and thus the name ” Dessert Ferrari ” was given by the Israeli team to the Arjun tank. 
  • Senior Colonel Liu Degang, deputy commander of the Beijing-based Chinese military research academy, also had high praise for Arjun MBT.

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Al-Khalid -2000

Pakistani Main Battle Tank

Type 96A: Chinese Main Battle Tank

M1 Abrams: US main battle tank

Max Speed on Road

58-60 km/h

70 km/h

65 km/h

67 km/h

Combat Weight

68 Tonnes

45 t

41.5 t

54.54 t


120mm & 6-8 rounds per minute


125 mm 

120 mm


4 person (Commander, gunner, loader, Driver)

3 person (commander, gunner, and driver)

3 person

(commander, gunner, and driver)

4persons(commander gunner gunner,loader,driver)

Engine power 1400 hp 1200 hp 1000 hp 1500 hp
 Range 400 km 430 km 400 km 498 km


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The firepower of the Tank

  • Arjun has a 120mm rifled gun capable of firing a full range of high explosives, laser homing anti-tank (LAHAT) missile that had a tandem warhead, which is capable of defeating all types of modern armour
  • It has improved Gunner’s Main Sight (GMS) integrated with Automatic Target Tracking (ATT) has been fitted, which helps the crew to track moving target automatically making it easy for the gunner to fire even when the tank is on the move.
  • It is also capable of neutralising any incoming with its Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA) panels, provided for effective protection against the ever-evolving anti-tank threats like shoulder-fired anti-tank grenades and missiles.
  • This tank has protection against chemical attacks. This tank consists of a special chemical sensor is mounted to detect the presence of harmful toxic chemicals in the atmosphere around the tank.
  • Laser Warning and Counter Measure System(LWCMS) that protects the crew of the tank by creating a smokescreen between Arjun tank and the enemy tank and also, Anti Infra-Red / Anti Thermal Imaging paints that reduce the signature of the tank when viewed using an Infra-Red/Thermal Image camera, making the Arjun tank difficult to be detected by enemies. 
  • An Advanced Land Navigation System is mounted to provide enhanced navigation capability of the tank in desert terrains during the war. It provides information on where the tanks need to use either Inertial Navigation or GPS or both and where the tank needs to go in the absence of any signage in the war theatre.
  • It also consists of uncooled Night Vision camera for the driver.

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