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Day-5: Logical Reasoning (30 Days Plan)

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Question 1

Match Set I and Set II:

Choose the correct code:

Question 2

Match the following:


Question 3

Assertion (A): Anumana is the Pramana of Non-perception admitted by Kumārila for the perception of non-existence of a thing.

Reason (R): Anumana consists of five steps: a hypothesis (pratijna), reason (hetu), an example (udaharana), reaffirmation (upanaya) and conclusion (nigamana).

Choose the correct answer from the following:

Question 4

‘It involves the process of acquiring knowledge by comparing it with a similar object which we have prior knowledge’.

Above statement is related to which among the following options?

Question 5

To whom is the word "Yogaja" related?

(1) Pratyaksha
(2) Anumana

(3) Vachika Pramana
(4) Upamana

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