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Day-48: Communication Quiz for UGC NET Exam

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Question 1

In the classroom, the teacher sends the message either as words or images. The students are really

Question 2

“Communication is a process of transmitting ideas, information and attitudes from the source to a receiver for the purpose of influencing with intent”. The line is quoted by which of the following eminent personalities?

Question 3

Which of the following is not a model of communication?

Question 4

Politeness and tone of the voices can be a part of:

Question 5

Haptics, a form of non-verbal communication, has to deal with which of the following languages?

Question 6

To communicate effectively with students, teachers should not use which of the following methods?

(a) Affinity-seeking startegies

(b) Immediacy behaviours

(c) Humor

(d) Collaborative filters

(e) Technical words

(f) Ambiguous statement

Question 7

Non-verbal communication is considered:

Question 8

Mnemonics stands for:

Question 9

Which of the following is not the principle of effective communication?

Question 10

Effective communication in the classroom is not important for:
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