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Day-47: Communication Quiz for UGC NET Exam

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Question 1

Assertion (A): Classroom communication behaviours does not imply making the contents relevant.

Reason (R): It is the function of teachers to make students organize information for effective interaction.

Question 2

In S-M-C-R model of communication, what does M stands for?

Question 3

Which type of communication involves “Open door policy”?

Question 4

Which of the following is/are the part of social media?

1) Instagram

2) Twitter

3) LinkedIn

4) Google+

5) Facebook

Which of the following is/are correct?

Question 5

Which of the following are the merits of radio as a mean of communication?

I. Easy access

II. Portable

III. One-way communication

Question 6

Assertion (A): Intercultural communication is the study and application of knowledge on “cultural perceptions and symbol systems” of people belonging to different cultures.

Reason (R): While applying intercultural communication, it first makes people unaware and then they are able to adopt other's cultures when they communicate.

Question 7

Which among the following is not a characteristic of communication?

Select the correct code from given below.

(i) It is a continuous process.

(ii) It is based on the exchange of ideas.

(iii) Mutual understanding is not important in communication.

(iv) Use of words as well as symbols is used in communication.

(v) Communication is only a direct way.

Question 8

If a teacher has a Tourette Syndrome, which kind of communication barrier he or she is likely to have in the class?

Question 9

‘Information overload’ can be categorized as ______ barrier to communication.

Question 10

Match the following List 1 with List 2 with correct responses.

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