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Day-32: Rapid Logical Reasoning Revision

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Question 1

When the purpose of a definition is to explain the use or to eliminate ambiguity the definition is called:

Question 2

A cluster of propositions with a structure that exhibits, some inference is called:

Question 3

It is Truism to say that no one was there when life first appeared on earth. Any assertion about life’s origin, thus, should be treated as a theory.
The above two statements constitute :

Question 4

When in a group of propositions, one proposition is claimed to follow from the others, that group of propositions is called

Question 5

Which one of the following statements is not correct in the context of Venn diagram method?

Question 6

A definition that has a meaning that is deliberately assigned to some symbol is called:

Question 7

Among the following propositions two are related in such a way that they can both be true although they cannot both be false. Which are those propositions? Select the correct code.
1) Some priests and cunning.
2) No priest is cunning.
3) All priests are cunning.
4) Some priests are not cunning.

Question 8

If the statement ‘None but the brave wins the race’ is false which of the following statements can be claimed to be true?
Select the correct code:

Question 9

If two standard form categorical propositions with the same subject and predicate are related in such a manner that if one is undetermined the other must be undetermined, what is their relation?

Question 10

Namita and Samita are brilliant and studious. Anita and Karabi are obedient and irregular. Babita and Namita are irregular but brilliant. Samita and Kabita are irregular and obedient. Who among them is/are brilliant, obedient, irregular and studious?
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