Dandiya Raas is the Folk Dance of ________.

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : July 28th, 2022

Dandiya is the folk dance of the Indian state of Gujarat. It is usually performed in groups by both women and men. It is mainly performed during the Navratri festival.

Answer: Dandiya Raas or Raas is the folk dance of the state of Gujarat.

While performing the dance, beautifully decorated wooden sticks are used as props. The wooden sticks are made up of bamboo. Besides Gujarat, Dandiya is performed in other states like Madhya Pradesh (Indore, Bhopal) and Rajasthan (Marwar region).

The Attire of the Dandiya Dance

The details on the attire of the Dandiya dance have been elaborated below:

For Men: They wear special traditional Kurta and Pyjama sets. In Gujarat, some people also wear special Gujarati rings and necklaces on top of the attire to complete the look as a whole. However, the attire changes from region to region. It is a devotional dance style of Garba which is performed in the honor of goddess Durga.

For Women: Their attire encompasses extremely bright and vibrant looking designer, colorful and glimmering Chaniya Choli. This goes with jewellery pieces of mirror work like bangles, anklets, earrings, and necklaces.


Dandiya Raas is the folk dance of which state?

Dandiya is the folk dance of Gujarat. It is a state located along the western coast of India. It is the fourth largest economy in India.

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