Daily Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Wordlist: 4th May, 2023

By Shruti Kapoor|Updated : May 4th, 2023

Daily updated The Hindu Editorial vocabulary words with their meanings dated 4th May, 2023 are important for Bank, SSC, Railway & IAS exams. At BYJU’S Exam Prep, our Series is named "Daily Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Words List: 4th May, 2023 " to shape up your vocabulary from the newspaper wordlist.

With the help of a daily wordlist from the Hindu newspaper of 4th May, 2023 our aim is to help you completely understand the commonly used words with their meanings, pronunciations, synonyms, antonyms, proper use in sentences, etc. Today's the Hindu newspaper contains important vocabulary words. which can be downloaded from the monthly PDF of The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary to strengthen your preparation.

Important Vocabulary from The Hindu Editorial: 4th May, 2023

1. Word: Outrage (उल्लंघन)

  • Pronunciationout-reyj/ आउट्रेज
  • Part of Speech: Noun, Verb
  • Meaning
    a. an extremely strong reaction of anger, shock, or indignation. (Noun)
    b. an action or event causing outrage. (Noun)
    c. arouse fierce anger, shock, or indignation in (someone). (Verb)
    d. flagrantly violate or infringe (a principle, law, etc.). (Verb)
  • Synonyms: fury, savagery, brutality
  • Antonyms: delight, flattery, remedy
  • Usage in a Sentence: Much of the outrage was directed at foreign nationals.

2. Word: Vilification (बदनामी)

  • Pronunciationvil-uh-fi-ca-shun/विलफकैशन
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning:
    a. the act of saying or writing unpleasant things about someone or something, in order to cause other people to have a bad opinion of them
  • Synonyms: smear, defamation, libel, slander
  • Antonyms: blessing, acclaim, praise
  • Usage in a sentence: Participants were asked whether they had experienced discrimination or vilification because of their race or religion.

 3Word: Desist (बंद कर देना)

  • Pronunciation: dih-zist/डिसिस्ट
  • Part of Speech: Verb
  • Meaning: stop doing something; cease or abstain.
  • Synonymsabstain, refrain, forbear
  • Antonyms: continue, endure, resume
  • Use in a Sentence: The warriors have been ordered to desist from shooting their rifles.

4. Word: Intimidation (संत्रास)

  • Pronunciation: in-tim-i-dey-shuh n/ इन्टिमिडैशन
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning: the action of intimidating someone, or the state of being intimidated.
  • Synonyms: threat, bullying, menace
  • Antonyms: fearlessness, fillip
  • Usage in a sentence: The defendant complained of political intimidation during the investigation.

5. Word: Stern (कठोर या निर्दय)

  • Pronunciation: sturn/ स्टर्न
  • Part of Speech: Adjective
  • Meaning:
    a. firm, strict, or uncompromising:
    b. rigorous or austere; of an unpleasantly serious character:
  • Synonyms: hard, harsh, severe
  • Antonyms: kind, easy, lenient
  • Usage in a sentence: Teacher treated the students with a stern reprimand for not doing the homework.

6. WordBurnish (चमकना)

  • Pronunciation: bur-nish/ बर्निश
  • Part of Speech: Verb, Noun
  • Meaning
    a. polish (something, especially metal) by rubbing [Verb]
    b. the shine on a highly polished surface [Noun]
  • Synonyms: shine, polish, gloss, glaze
  • Antonyms: tarnish, dull, dark, bland
  • Usage in a Sentence: The company is currently trying to burnish its socially responsible image.

7. Word: Dissent (एतराज़ करना)

  • Pronunciation: dih-sent/डिसेन्ट
  • Part of Speech: Verb, Noun
  • Meaning: 

        a. the holding or expression of opinions at variance with those commonly or officially held. [Noun]

        b. hold or express opinions that are at variance with those commonly or officially held.
  • Synonyms: conflict, disagree
  • Antonyms: ascent, approve
  • Use in a Sentence: There were murmurs of both assent and dissent from the crowd.

8. Word: Emphatic (ज़ोरदार)

  • Pronunciation: em-fat-ik/ एम्फैटिक
  • Part of Speech: Adjective
  • Meaning:
    a. uttered, or to be uttered, with emphasis; strongly expressive.
    b. using emphasis in speech or action.
    c. forceful; insistent:
    d. very impressive or significant; strongly marked; striking:
  • Synonyms: assertive, insistent, firm
  • Antonyms: ambiguous, faint, doubtful
  • Usage in a sentence: India registered an emphatic win against Pakistan in the opening match of the world cup. 

9. Word: Hail (सलाम करना)

  • Pronunciation: heyl/हेल
  • Part of Speech: Verb, Noun
  • Meaning:
    a. to cheer, salute (Verb)
    b. to approve enthusiastically (Verb)
    c. to call out in greet (Verb)
    d. a shout or call to attract attention (Noun)
    e. small, hard balls of ice that fall from the sky like rain (Noun)
  • Synonyms: welcome, salute, greet, acclaim
  • Antonyms: ignore, discourage, reject
  • Usage in a sentence: I tried to hail her from across the room.

 10. Word: Prominent (प्रतिष्ठित)

  • Pronunciationprom-uh-nuhnt/ प्रामनन्ट
  • Part of Speech: Adjective
  • Meaning
    a. important; famous
    b. projecting from something; protuberant
    c. situated so as to catch the attention; noticeable
  • Synonyms: important, leading, eminent, protruding, projecting, obvious, noticeable 
  • Antonyms: unimportant, obscure, unknown, inconspicuous
  • Usage in a Sentence
    a. He quickly became prominent in the music industry.
    b. He placed the award in a prominent position on his desk.
    c. He has a prominent nose.

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The Hindu Newspaper Vocabulary Based Exercises: 4th May, 2023

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  • outrage
  • vilification
  • desist
  • intimidation
  • stern

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