Daily Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Wordlist: 28th July, 2022

By Shruti Kapoor|Updated : July 28th, 2022

Daily updated The Hindu Editorial vocabulary words with their meanings dated 28th July, 2022 are important for Bank, SSC, Railway & IAS exams. At BYJU’S Exam Prep, our Series is named "Daily Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Words List: 28th July, 2022 " to shape up your vocabulary from the newspaper wordlist.

With the help of a daily wordlist from the Hindu newspaper of 28th July, 2022 our aim is to help you completely understand the commonly used words with their meanings, pronunciations, synonyms, antonyms, and proper use in sentences, etc. Today's Hindu newspaper contains important vocabulary words like a bereft, unleash   etc. which can be downloaded from the monthly PDF of The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary to strengthen your preparation.

Important Vocabulary from The Hindu Editorial: 28th July 2022 

1. Word: Bereft (वंचित, दीवाना)

  • Pronunciation: bih-reft/ बिरेफ्ट
  • Part of Speech: Adjective
  • Meaning
    a. deprived of or lacking (something).
    b. (of a person) sad and lonely, especially through someone's death or departure.
  • Synonyms: bereaved, deprived, destitute, grieving
  • Antonyms: happy, loved, joyful, brimming
  • Usage in a sentence: Along the country's southern border, lawyers are working on behalf of bereft parents struggle to locate their clients' children.

2. Word: Biennial (द्विवाषिक )

  • Part of Speech: Adjective  
  • Pronunciation: bi-en-ni-al
  • Meaning -  taking place/happening every two years.
  • Synonyms: bi-yearly
  • Antonyms: perennial, annual, constant
  • Example: Because the celebration is biennial, you will have to wait two years to attend the religious event.

3. Word: Discernible ( दृष्टिगोचर )

  • Part of Speech: Adjective
  • Pronunciation: dih-sur-nuh-buhl/ डिसर्नबल
  • Meaning: able to be discerned; perceptible 
  • Synonyms: Perceivable, Observable
  • Antonyms: Indistinct, Invisible
  • Use in a Sentence: The increasing prices of the commodities is expected to have a discernible effect on the economy of the country.

4.  Word: Unleash (उन्मुक्त करना)

  • Pronunciation: uhn-leesh/ अन्लीश
  • Part of Speech: Verb
  • Meaning: cause (a strong or violent force) to be released or become unrestrained.
  • Synonyms: release, liberate, extricate
  • Antonyms: restrain, control, inhibit
  • Usage in a Sentence: The result will unleash the raging demands for her resignation.

5. WordSemblance (अनुरूपता)

  • Pronunciation: sem-bluh ns/ सेम्ब्लन्स
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning: the outward appearance or apparent form of something, especially when the reality is different.
  • Synonyms: likeness, similarity, guise
  • Antonyms: contrast, opposite, unlikeness
  • Usage in a Sentence: The film lacks any semblance of realism.

6. WordStatus-quo (यथास्थिति) 

  • Pronunciation: stey-tuh s kwoh/estatus-quo
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning: the way things are
  • SynonymsState, situation, condition
  • Antonyms: Reverse, revolution
  • Use in a Sentence: A lack of desire to change the status quo is the reason for the poor voter turnout at last year’s election.

7. Phrase: Preside over (संचालन करना)

  • Pronunciation: pri-zahyd over/प्रेसाइड ओवर
  • Meaning:
    a. to be in charge of a situation or place
  • Synonyms: chair, direct, head, manage
  • Usage in a sentence: This government has presided over some of the most significant changes in education this century.

8. WordConviction (पूर्ण विश्वास)

  • Pronunciation: kuh n-vik-shuh n/कन्विक्शन
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning: a firmly held belief or opinion.
  • Synonyms: confidence, certitude
  • Antonyms: disbelief, doubt
  • Use in a Sentence: The most fearful enemy is not having a firm conviction.

9. WordRepression (नियंत्रण)

  • Pronunciation: ri-presh-uh n/ रीप्रेशन
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning:
    a. the restraint, prevention, or inhibition of a feeling, quality, etc.
    b. the action of subduing someone or something by force.
  • Synonyms: control, oppression, suppression, inhibition
  • Antonyms: liberty, permission
  • Use in a Sentence: The political repression in this country is enforced by terror.

10. Word: Defy (विरोध करना)

  • Pronunciation: dih-fahy/डिफाइ
  • Part of Speech: Verb
  • Meaning: 
    a. openly resist or refuse to obey.
    b. appear to be challenging (someone) to do or prove something.
  • Synonyms: disobey, disregard, challenge, ignore
  • Antonyms: obey, comply, surrender
  • Usage in a Sentence: They believe it is essential to defy convention.

Practice here Daily Wordlist Quiz

The Hindu Newspaper Vocabulary Based Exercises: 28th July 2022

Based on the description of the words, we have some practice questions for you. Answer these questions in the comments section. Our team will review them at the earliest!

Exercise 1. Make your own Sentences.

Here are some of the words from the above article. Try to frame sentences from them in your own words and share them with us in the comments section!

  • bereft
  • biennial
  • discernible
  • unleash
  • semblance

    Exercise 2: Match the columns.
SR No.WordSynonym


2preside oversituation

Share your answers in the comment section. 

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