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Daily GK and Current Affairs Quiz: 10th September 2022

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Question 1

NASA's MOXIE has been successfully producing oxygen from carbon dioxide-rich atmosphere of Mars since February 2021. What is the full form of MOXIE?

Question 2

Which group of three cities of India have joined the UNESCO's Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC) for their contribution in learning at the local level?

Question 3

Australian government has passed government legislation to reduce carbon emissions zero by which year?

Question 4

Kisan Safalta Card has launched by which of the following agri-based organisations to finance farmers to meet their pre and post-harvest farm requirements and allied expenses?

Question 5

To meet the target of priority sector lending, which of the following private lender bank has signed an agreement with the PayNearby? (September 2022)

Question 6

WAAREE, a Solar Panel manufacturer, has signed an agreement with which of the following banks for providing unsecured financing for solar projects through Surya Shakti Solar Finance Scheme?

Question 7

What is the theme of International Literacy Day 2022 that observed annually on September 8?

Question 8

With which digital distribution channel, the Reliance General Insurance has launched Reliance Health Gain Policy to give freedom to its customers, so that they can choose and personalise their health policies as per their requirements?

Question 9

Google cloud has been partnered with which general insurance company to build a platform that will help digitize the buying and servicing of insurance in India?

Question 10

In September 2022, which of the following banks has become the participant of the Treasury Department's Khajane-II (K2) integrated financial management system (IFMS) for implementing the Single Nodal Agency (SNA) account system?
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