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Daily Current Affairs Quiz II BBA & IPM and HM Entrance Exams II 08.11.2021

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Question 1

In Association with NASA which country’s space agency announced plans to send a rover to the moon by 2026 that will harvest lunar soil containing oxygen, which could eventually be used to support human life in space?

Question 2

Who has been bestowed with the prestigious 'Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award 2020' for her outstanding contribution in the field of land adventure?

Question 3

Pairing with whom Indian ace table tennis player Manika Batra clinched the women's doubles title in the WTT Contender tournament in Lasko, Slovenia?

Question 4

“Zolfaghar-1400” is an annual military exercise of which country that was conducted in Gulf of Oman recently?

Question 5

How many Padma awards has been awarded this year by the President Ram Nath Kovind?

Question 6

Nagpur based teenager Sankalp Gupta has become India's ________ Grandmaster?

Question 7

Name the Indian women shooter who has won won the 10m air pistol mixed team gold at the inaugural ISSF President's Cup with Iran’s Javad Foroughi?

Question 8

Which country has launched Earth science satellite named as ‘Guangmu’ into space?

Question 9

Who has been conferred with the Basavashree award 2021 by the Bruhanmutt?

Question 10

Which technology company has launched a new company in London titled as Isomorphic Labs, that will aim to use artificial intelligence for drug discovery and medicine to find cures for some of humanity’s most devastating diseases in the field of biological and medical research?
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