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Daily Current Affairs Quiz II BBA & HM Exam II 31.07.2021

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Question 1

Who is our Chief Election Commissioner?

Question 2

Gaganyaan (Sky Vehicle) is a crewed orbital spacecraft by which country

Question 3

Who is present Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

Question 4

Who is the present chairman of Competition Commission of India?

Question 5

 Which state government has prepared the Ayush-based economic upgradation scheme ‘Devaranya Yojana’ with the twin objectives of improving people’s health and livelihood of tribals?

Question 6

 Which city has been selected for International Clean Air Catalyst Programme?

Question 7

 Famous sportsperson Nandu Natekar was associated with which sports who passed away recently?

Question 8

Which IIT has developed India’s first Rapid electronic Covid-19 RNA Test kit that allows self-testing at home called ‘COVIHOME’?

Question 9

Which global tech giant has announced to launch a new company, known as Intrinsic, which will focus on building industrial robot software?

Question 10

Who has launched ‘SAFAL initiative’ for Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), on July 29, 2021, on the first anniversary of National Education Policy (NEP)?
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